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Tag a friend to show them some cute @pits and raise awareness for this beautiful breed!
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Granny's told grandad he needs to lose some weight.... I've told him he's fine as he is, as his belly serves a great purpose #bellypillowsarethebest 😜

My gorgeous new storage bench... I mean Lexy Sanctuary ... arrived from @wayfair today. It was pristine and beach-sand free for a record setting 15 minutes before being claimed.
Nice things are overrated 😊
#EmbraceTheDogHair #BeOneWithTheBeachSand

I remember taking this picture I was so happy with how it came out but I havent been able to get any good pictures using my DSLR since 😭 .
💥Doing shoutouts dm if interested💥

Count how many are there comment below....

Hey Guys, our friends over at @4rfriends could really use some help with Lily Rose, a beautiful 7 week old Pit Bull Puppy that was born with a disorder that doesn't allow her esophagus to work properly and she can't hold down solid food. She is currently being bottle fed, but her condition can be corrected with surgery. The cost of the surgery will be quite expensive and we want to help, so we will be donating $5 from any of our Pit Bull Designs to Lily's #gofundme campaign. As always, if you already own enough ATA shirts, please go directly to @4rfriends, click the link in their bio to view the campaign & donate directly. Thanks guys! #armtheanimals #rescue #rescuerespectrepeat #saveanimals #pitbull #pitbulls #pitbullmom #pitbulllove #pitbulladvocate #pitbullsofinstagram


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