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#STRONGBOW詩莊堡蘋果酒 #Applehour享受蘋酒樂

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Tag a friend to show them some cute @pits and raise awareness for this beautiful breed!
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I remember taking this picture I was so happy with how it came out but I havent been able to get any good pictures using my DSLR since 😭 .
💥Doing shoutouts dm if interested💥

Each year millions of lost and unwanted dogs and end up at animal shelters across the U.S. Over half of those animals must be euthanized because there are too many dogs and not enough good homes. This overpopulation crisis is a disgrace. As long as people support breeders and a market that treats dogs as profit-generating commodities we will struggle with the overpopulation crisis. One reason people buy from a breeder is that they believe a pure bred dog is a superior dog. Not true but pet stores and breeders are not the only source of purebred dogs. Rescue groups exist for every breed of dog, and up to 25 % of dogs in shelters are in fact purebred. It is worth remembering that no breeder can fully guarantee the nature of their puppies once adulthood is reached as this is influenced by too many outside factors. By selecting an adult shelter dog, you can get exactly the companion you’re looking for as they are assessed fully and all rescues will help you find the perfect companion. If you are particularly keen on having a puppy there are also litters readily available in shelters. A popular term nowadays is ' reputable breeder' There is nothing responsible about bringing more dogs into the world whilst things stand as they are. There are only so many homes available for dogs each year, and for every slot filled by a dog from a breeder, there’s one home fewer available to a dog in a shelter. Conversely when you adopt you save two lives including the dog who takes your dogs place in rescue. Your adoption fee also helps to fund all the other dogs still waiting for homes or on death row.
Purebred dogs are increasingly suffering from limited gene pools and have many breed-specific health issues. Cancer, respiratory issues, heart disorders, allergies and epilepsy are all seen frequently. There are breeders that try and avoid inbreeding and test for inherited diseases but still cannot guarantee the perfect pet. By making shelters the first choice for finding a companion we could dramatically reduce the dog overpopulation and save literally millions of lives! Plus your dog will love you for life!! #dontbullymybreed #pitbull #pitbulladvocate #endbsl #pitbullsofinstagra


prettiest puppy i have ever seen. i swear

nem mész dolgozni, enyém a kabátod! #bestbuddy #staffie #pitbull #mixedbreed

My beautiful puppies keeping warm 😍😍#pitbull #pitbullpuppy #pits #ZeusAndZoey 🐶🐶 @craig_schelin84

Apples for good teeth and doing much better on self control when given treats ⭐️🍎 #pitbull #rednose #love #instadog #montreal

"Vixe! Para que a mamãe está vendo 🙄" 😂😂 Tem como não amar?? Impossível!!! 💕 #filhos #anjinhos #sqn 🙊 #doglovers #dogs #pitbull #fofos #lindos 🐶🐶😍😍😍

continuing Winnie's training for our next thru hike putting in some quick miles in the Shenandoahs, where are all the tourists at?

Duck and Fozzie hanging out in the shade during our training session this afternoon.

Missing my buddy today. TANK wanted to go with me to work today a d i had to hold him back. I try everyday when I get home to focus my attention 100% toward him so I cuddle / play with him for 15-20 minutes. It's not a ton of time but with my busy schedule it's really all I have. #dog #battlegroundfitnesselite #bgf #supportmilitarymuscle #petlove #pitbull #swoldier #love

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