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My MM P. Irminia has been out and about for the past week. I'm thinking he's in the mood to make some babies. My last chance to find him a g/f is this weekend, otherwise he's going back to @thebugplug_ where he'll meet a few willing ladies. #pirminia #venezuleansuntiger #tarantula #fanggang

First time I've seen this little guy in a few weeks 😂
#pirminia #sling

Re-did my P. irminia’s terrarium in a bit of a hurry late last night - something in there was smelling super horrid so I decided to clean it out completely for the first time in months (maybe over a year) - normally I just spot clean and let my T’s do their thing w/o a problem.
I think some small pieces of leftover from a recent meal wound up in the water bowl which leaked into and soaked the nearby driftwood because removing mainly those two things along with some soil did the trick. I cleaned and re-scaped the terrarium and put in a new hide positioned roughly the way her previous main tunnel was (short video clip of her tunnel webbing in 2nd slide). She’s so huge now! I kept her in a jar while I was working and left her in the (open) jar in the terrarium overnight so she could come out and explore on her new surroundings on her own terms.
#tarantula #venezuela #suntiger #pirminia #terrarium #terrariums #exoticpet #exoticpets

My Venezuelan Suntiger aka Psalmopoeus irminia #venezuelansuntiger #suntiger #pirminia #psalmopoeusirminia #tarantula

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