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Drink up me hearties yo-ho 🍻
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smells like heaven tbh [ ]

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Johnny throughout the years 💕👻 • 📷: @holy_depp

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Hey my pirate lovers❤️
This my first 20k post ahh😻😻😻
But first of all,thank you so much for 20k. Juju,Lisi and me are very thankful for your support and your love❤️THANK YOU!❤️
As you can see;this is a video and not an edit. One of our besties from real life aka @_finja_02 has made it for us❤️We wanted to share her vid with you guys. Unfortunately I can‘t post it with music bc insta just deleted my post with music...🙄 Altough,thank you so much for the vid Fiff,love uuu❤️❤️My next posts gonna be the rest of this vid bc,as you all know,insta can‘t post a vid which is longer than 60 sec.
One or two weeks before we‘ve hit the 20k we‘ve had an idea for a gift for you. We want to introduce “the follower of the week“(or of the month because,we‘re inactive af,lol😂🤷🏼‍♀️).The follower of the week/month will be named in our posts and in our story. If you want to become the follower of the week/month you have to do theses steps:
1. Like our pics
2. Request our
3. Comment your opinion to our edit
4. Request questions from our story
And ofc you don’t HAVE to do these steps but if you want be the follower of the month you‘ll have a bigger chance to become it, if you do these steps🤗❤️We hope you like our little gift for you❤️
Do you like our idea?
Idk,I mean we‘ve “invented“ it,so yes😂🤷🏼‍♀️
If you‘ve read the whole caption,post🎁in the comments.
I love you guys❤️

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This Thursday!! We will finally have an answer to the question of where there is a store you can buy our stuff! We are extremely excited to announce that Commandeer will be housed in Noir Arts and Oddities in the West Bottoms with open hours 5 days a week! 1101 Mulberry St, Kansas City, MO 64101. 12 - 6pm Wed-Friday, 11 - 6 Saturday, 11 - 4 Sunday. #kclocal #madeinkc #westbottomskc

Happy 49th birthday Matthew Perry!

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Pirate details and ornate metal buttons are the order of the day ⚔️✨

Thanks to @moodfabrics for having such a great selection of vegan leather trim ✨

#seamstresslife #seamstress #cosplay #cosplayprogress #larp #costume #costumedesign #costuming #costuminglife #theatrecostume #theatre #sewing #vintagebuttons #veganleather #pirates #pirateslife #pirateslifeforme #medieval #renfest #renissancefestival #reenactment #moodfabrics

Yo ho landlubbers! #SundayFUNday all day and night at @ArlenesGrocery with @PirateMike7! #HappyHour and #LiquidBrunch NOW till 8pm. $4 #Mimosas $5 #Bloodies $4 #well $3 #Bud or #Tecate $4/$5 Drafts $5 House #Wine and $6 beer+shot! $6 #Jameson shots!

All night: $4 Bud/Tecate $8 beer+shot and $5 surprise shot special!

Live Music: R.A.C.E.S. Benefit show
7pm Sun Not Yellow
8pm Sam Braverman
9pm Ani Cordero
10pm HUCK

#NYC #LES #divebar #LowerEastSide #pirateslife #livemusic #LiquidBrunch #SundayFUNday

Looking for pirates ☠️⚓️🏴

Living a pirates life. Searching for the booty.
#pirateslife #piratetreasure #booty #firstlove

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