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Bi saniye korsan bey açıklayabilirim!!!😝 Bahamalar'ın başkenti Nassau'da bir korsanlık müzesi var "Pirates of Nassau". Olur a kristal misali berrak sulardan, bembeyaz kumlardan sıkılıp değişik bir atraksiyon ve faaliyet alanı arıyorsanız aklınızda olsun. 😉
Just a minute Mr. Pirate, I can explain it!!! 😝 There is a piracy museum named "Pirates of Nassau" in the capital of The Bahamas. Keep that in mind just in case you get bored of the crystal clear waters and white sands therefore you are looking for a different attraction. 😉


What a great pic from my man @adammurph! Thank you! Always enjoy serving as a family at church. #elevationchurch #eteams #pirate

@bougiebarks sent me a collar with my face on it ☠️ #imworthit #CurseOfTheBlackPea

Comment how is your chipping?
Massive thanks to @golfingaroundthecourse for his chipping challenge submission. This was a great entry who will be next?
🏌️‍♀️ Captain Caveman's (@lloydigolf) opposite hand chipping challenge. Rules are simple, if you're a right handed golfer you have to use your left hand only to chip 5 balls from the fringe & vice versa if you're a lefty. Would be pretty cool to get more people involved, dare


what land pirates are wearing this season #pirate #gypsy #vagabond #artfuldodger #scallywag #scamp #fuckaresocks

Doppelgänger apparently 😂 #pirate #piratelife #festival

The gayest #pirate you ever saw #waybackwednesday

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