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In today’s #FeatureFriday we would like to introduce you to Davis Turner who plays #electricguitar, #acousticguitar and sings #backupvocals for the Sean McCarthy Band.

Davis was born in Jacksonville FL and is one of 3 children. He is the middle child with an older brother Jack, whom also played guitar and younger sister Alacia [A-lay-Sha], who played the oboe, piano and guitar. His mother was a nurse and his father was a Pipefitter: a tradesperson who works with piping systems. As such, in was imperative for his father to "go where the work was." The the family moved all around the country including: New Orleans, LA; Ridgeway, SC; Blackshear, GA, Pennsylvania and Mobile, AL. His mother got tired of all the moving and said, “I’m going home, are you coming with me?” At age 12 Davis’ father agreed moved the family back to downtown Jacksonville. In 1974, about a year after moving back to FL, the family bought a piece of property in Yulee, FL: a suburb of Jacksonville or, “out in the sticks” as Davis calls it. At that time, Yulee had one flashing light and that was about it. There was a grocery store, a convenience store (The Midnight Minute Market) and a liquor store. Davis would later write the song called “Nowhere Town” which was written about Yulee.

Davis met Pam, his wife who plays bass guitar, in 1984 at the Reef Drive Inn in Fernandina Beach, FL. The two dated for 5 years while playing music and were renting houses in @FernandinaBeach like @GreenTurtleTavern and The Florida House. They moved to Atlanta, GA for a one year so Pam could play with Pat Kirby (Garth Brooks Impersonator). Davis had very short stint with the band, but was replaced by a returning band member.

Before he even started playing music he remembers his mother listening to @TheStrawberryAlarmClock (a psychedelic rock band) and his father listening to @MerleHaggard. Davis says, “Mom was a #hippie and Dad was a #countrybumpkin, so those were my parents musical styles and I grew up as a mix between both genres.”

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Couple of Coleman 4 ton heat pumps. Nothing like going behind another contractor that got booted. Like always, SMS will fix it. #sms #mechanical #tinknockers #pipefitters #hvac #hvaclife #custom #heavy @garyfgardnerinc

On the gas ⛽️ #rlh #pipeinstallation #pipefitters

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