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Tox's most shared picture, I think it's the hair.

Went to the barn expecting my horse to be falling apart after his vet check, lo and behold he looks like a horse. 😑
Pretty sure he's found something in his stall to catch his face on, just can't figure out what. As for the lameness, he looks fine in his tiny paddock, I didn't lunge him but judging by how he look on Saturday when I did lunge him he certainly isn't about to lose a limb. Stiffness through his right hind is expected from his history (plus with the diagonal pair slightly lame), and we knew he'd need hock injections at some point anyways. Not sure what's up with the mane crud, but I'll buy wormer and shampoo it and it should be fine (but if someone has experience with it, let me know!).
All in all, he looks like a horse that just got moved to a new place and has a mean new neighbor (Rags!). 😂

Hold all my calls. Currently drooling over Edward Ewbank's mare, Sushi 🍣 pc: @tlpequine

Beautiful colt by equs on Flickr 💎😍

I love my tiny pony 💜💜💜

My show girl is so out of practice, it was fun to mess around with her today. Just like old times 💜 #AmericanSaddlebred #Pinto #blackandwhite #horse #horsetrainer #halterhorse #showhorse


#SoyFelizConFullHouse #Pinto #TiendaFullHouse
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“I enjoy life when things are happening . I don’t care if it’s good things or bad things. That means you’re alive.” —Joan Rivers

Duriny ngambil emakny semua,.😍😍😘😘😘 #landakmini #landakminijakarta #hedgehog #pinto #pet #exoticpets #cutepets

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