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Great to get a few pints in with my uncle Paddy after busy week! We wouldn't get to go at it very often but when we do go at it, we go at it awful and very hard! #Pintman #God #BigCT

Surgery done and dusted, thanks for all the messages, long recovery ahead but can't wait to get back out kicking ball on summer days and winter nights again, any senior teams looking for a manager I'm available for only a mere 80 euro a session #microdiscectomy #longford #rathcline #drugggsss #pintman

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that I wasn't catching this #UpIGo #Pintman #DickieTummy #Saints #Lavin07

It's all fun and games being College Bar's best customers, that is until you have to fit a semesters worth of work for four modules into one week 🙃 #noregrets #pintman #collegebar #favs #whathaveidone

Luvly pints #Pintman #Pintmen

He's the gift that keeps on giving... #PintMan #JOEShow w/ @dovemencare

Who knew Paddy Losty was a big deal in Croatia? What a week. We went at it awful and very hard. #Pintman #AtItAgain #GalwayForLiam2017

We definitely hit our peak too early, we're old , fat and balding now #mensfashion #gay #blazeitup #aesthetic #PintMan


Me and me boy JC on the sesh a couple weeks back... Good lad. #mylordandsaviour #seshlehem #pintman

Great to get a few pints in with my uncle Paddy after busy week! We wouldn't get to go at it very often but when we do go at it, we go at it awful and very hard! #Pintman #God #BigCT

Who knew Paddy Losty was a big deal in Croatia? What a week. We went at it awful and very hard. #Pintman #AtItAgain #GalwayForLiam2017

For those of you not familiar with The Young Grand Master eloquent country grammar, this one is subtitled up for you view pleasure 💬
#GMK #kickboxing #lightcontact #45sidekicks #subtitled #Monivea #Galway #accent #pintman

Brogan’s: Dame St.

Previously on DBP we’ve spoken of pubs which had been fitted out in a manner to make them appear old and worn. The manner we’ve spoke of these places has to memory not been of the most complimentary nature and the word gimmicky may have been thrown about. Brogan’s of Dame St. is in no risk of being labelled similarly.

Brogan’s, sitting in near approximation to the much beloved @olympiatheatre is a pub which is naturally weathered and worn. The seldom varnished wooden floor and furnishings add to the authentic aged feel to the pub. This atmosphere is compounded in no small part by what has to be the city’s largest collection of old Guinness adverts to be found outside @homeofguinness St James Gate. These adverts cover all conceivable wall space within the bar. A bookshelf sits at the beginning of the bar adding a homely element. The seating is unassuming and traditional.

With regard to the gargle, one certainly expects a fairly decent pint when such a plethora of Guinness artwork is encountered and we can gladly report that Brogan’s delivers on said expectation. We’ve always found the pint to not only be well-priced given the temple bar proximity factor (TBPF, a self-proclaimed mathematical/economical constant we’ve just decided to define this minute, formula to follow) but also of a high standard taste-wise too.

We’ve no anecdotes of note to recall at this moment unfortunately. The last time we were in was for a quick pre-Christmas Shopping pint and the cosiness was such that we weren’t to emerge for a further 6 hours after the shops had shut and not a present in sight. We’d certainly recommend Brogan’s, it’s yer only man for a pint before an Olympia gig and not a bad spot for a Christmas pint either (just get the shopping done first)

I wouldn't be fond of silage. But when I go at it I do go at it awful . . very hard. I do mow 45 acres in about 2 hours!! 😂😂 #pintman #silage17

And I'd go at it again and there'd be no fucking stopping me. I'd drink the shirt off any man's back. #pintman #gradnight

I wouldn't be fond of drinking, but when I go at it I do go at it awful and very hard I do have forty five pints in about two hours #pintman #gradnight

A pint of plain is your only man💯👌🍻 #Guinness #Pintman #LilliesBar #Sligo #Summer

"Arah, I wouldn't be fond of the drink. But since Tom got ran over by a Honda chasing me a few years back, I've been going at it awfully, very hard. I do have around 45 pints in I'd say 2 hours. I'd have a pack of crips then and maybe a packet of cheese strings." Claimed Jerry. When we asked Jerry if he missed Tom, the mood had suddenly changed. "Bastard" he muttered, and what seamed like a tear (although he claimed it was beer sweat) trickled down his cheek. #tomandjerry #pintman #art #forthekids

J.M Cleary’s – Amiens St.

Much had been said to me over the years about Cleary’s, it being an old haunt of Michael Collins. More recently to this visit someone told me of their sojourn here and how it contained a level of violence that the big fella himself would be familiar with.

With this disincentive foremost in my head, I reminded my companion upon our approach that we should harden up. Agreeing, he inspected our attire and whether it was appropriate for a hard inner city boozer.

He was garbed in dirty building-site clobber which we agreed fitted the bill perfectly. Me on the other hand, it would happen to be on this day that I’d decided to premier a Simpsons t-shirt I’d been gifted which was as red as the pub’s signage. We entered with my jacket well zipped and our shoulders thrown back.

Arriving into the bright narrow bar we encountered none of the hostility we’d expected. The length of the pub is segmented with wooden partitions and the long bar is complimented with seating running opposite. Sitting at the bar we ordered two great pints.

After the first sup all of our discussion on the way in was forgotten and my jacket was off, revealing the ridiculous t-shirt. The barman, returning to our end of the bar soon clocked the shirt and issued a much unexpected compliment. He then glanced down to notice Pintman #2’s battered Star Wars keyring on the bar and the two struck up a conversation on the franchise’s recent release. Uninterested, I took a wander around to admire the portraits of Michael Collins which hung proudly on the walls.

Returning, I found the two still immersed in chat which was to be broken when the barman’s phone rang. His ringtone? – A Star Wars Theme, of course. In the interim of the call we’d finished our jar and the barman returned to service. We bade him a farewell as we exited and his retort to us is one I won’t forget. – Seeya lads. Oh and may the force be with you.

I kept the head down and expedited my exit.

Don’t base opinions on word of mouth! Far from being the hardened inner city ale-house – Cleary’s is a welcoming pub where discussion on intergalactic wars is as welcome as speak on wars of independence.

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