Yes, I am a wino, a coffeeholic, a mom, a wife, I also have a passion for photography, design, and making my home smell good. Why? I’m a daycare provider and a doggie mom. I love making candles outside of daycare and drinking wine. Plus wine goes great with chocolate, bubble baths and candle light. •
So I think it is crazy that I still can squeeze 15 minutes in the morning, carpooling, dinner time, and mom life and can still earn extra money with my side hustles. I do more work in time making a candle, then doing my wine business. •

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the Eiffel Tower looks like that because it’s dancing to Po’ed Up and if you think this picture is edited then ur a hater

Tried some mindfulness meditation today and WOW it was harder to concentrate than I imagine..
I know that I need to do this, especially since it was so hard and these days I feel like my brain is running a million miles an hour lately..
What I didn’t realize is that Connecticut was going to get bucketfuls of rain and my workout space was going to be under 14 inches of water tonight.

Ready for winter.

Our little guy has one nasty URI and it’s kept me awake all night and away from the gym for over a week! Now I’m feeling tired, unmotivated and can’t stop snacking, I know you can relate! I had to snap out of it and go for a jog and put together this TEN minute workout just to get me feeling like myself again. Your excuses don’t benefit anyone, so time to get after it!! #momsthatlift #homeworkout #fitfam #womenempowerment #wellnesscoaching #fitcoaching #goaldigger #goalgetter #busymoms #busymomsgetfit

Bettie Groovin in her pjs in Value Village. 👶🏻💃 #groovinbaby #babypjs #leopardpjs

Last night I checked my email & saw today is school spirit day🎉...wellll we still live an hour from where Aubs goes to preschool (cue panic😳). SO me being the self-proclaimed craft goddess Pinterest mom I think I am [sarcasm], I whipped up a school shirt & went to bed relieved 😅. This morning we realized #1 the shirt had a hole...then I get this picture🤦🏼‍♀️ shirt stained, tucked into her shorts🤓, that are not the same shorts we sent her to school in😬[that are pulled up to her belly button AND on backwards]. & I quickly realized the only thing that matters is the smile on my little girls face😍. I just had to laugh because I seriously thought I had it all together last night. I may be winging this whole mama thing & am more of an amazon prime mom than a pinterest goddess mom, but I am loving every bit of it 🙌🏻
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Today’s lunch (kids had school lunch yesterday) pasta salad, crackers, cheese, apple slices and carrot sticks. Oh and in the spirit of total openness, they have somehow lost all 8 of the ice packs I bought 6 weeks ago, and their ice packs were empty Gatorade bottles with ice cubes and water. So not a #pinterestmom

I made this board today. I saw a lot of boards like this on Pinterest, they all look nice and professional. Im not very good at DIY stuff but I gave my best for my little one to practice his tiny human heands.

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This lil ham is almost 2?! I can hardly believe it. Watching him learn and grow is the best thing ever! I couldn’t imagine life without him. Chris and I often ask ourselves how we waiting for so long to have him.
I’ve been scrolling Pinterest like crazy trying to get ideas for his birthday. He doesn’t watch cartoons so nothing themed like that but can’t decide between monster trucks, dirt bikes, dogs and all the other things pinned on my Pinterest board lol Moms what did you guys do for your 2 year old. His birthday is in December so unfortunately bbq outside doesn’t work 😉 Spam me with your ideas!!

What are your favorite fall activities to do with your kiddos?
I need to be more intentional with my time with the girls and feel all this pressure to be the Pinterest perfect Momma ! Does anyone else feel this way? 👇🏽Drop a comment and let me know 👇🏽 #thewaywewere #pinterestmom #momswithcamera #keepinitreal #myheartandsoul #realpeople #mymotherhood #sahmlife #sahmprobs #motherhoodrising #stayathomewife #realmotherhood #christianmoms

Bettie and Shane, enjoying their coffees together.
While mom enjoys her new camera on her new phone that she got for her anniversary. 📸📸

I bought stuff to make a nice anniversary dinner, but we ended up ordering takeout instead.
No regrets.😁 But. I had all this beautiful fish from @delamerto and Bettie actually slept in her crib last night so I was able to make it.
I cooked some gluten-free pasta, and made a creamy dill sauce with smoked salmon.🐟🐟 *1 bunch green onion, chopped.
Add to *2 tbsp butter, and cook over medium
*3 tbsp white wine or vermouth. Cook for 1 or 2 mins.
*2 cups heavy cream, stir.
Let that cook on low, as it begins to thicken. *Add generous portion of chopped fresh dill (I added about 1.5cups) and some capers or caper berries.
*Salt and pepper to taste *Add flaked smoked salmon

I found a delicious smoked salmon that was rosemary pepper. 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Then on the side, I had red snapper.
I've never cooked red snapper, but it was so good. *Preheat oven to 425.
Place sliced lemons on a baking tray, and place fillets on top.
Sprinkle with salt, pepper and paprika.
Cook for 13 mins, or until fish flakes.
And voila! (Also served it with our new favourite, salmon jerky)
Tonight, I have leftover pasta and a bit of sauce. So I'll be cooking up a bunch of veggies, and thinning out the cream sauce!

This was so easy and so rich and delicious.
Not at all low fat 😂😂 Oh, and it's all #FODMAP, for my fellow IBS sufferers.

Sometimes I take a break from ornaments to throw children’s parties. #crafty #princessparty #frozenobsessed #teaparty #etsyseller #momlife #pinterestmom #hobbies

🎶 Look out weekend ‘cause, here I come...because weekends were, made for fun. 🎶

Wait, too soon? Ugh, it’s been the longest week ever! 😩🙈🤣 Tell me how do you refill your cup? Vodka? 🤷🏻‍♀️I’m running on empty here.

Also, humor me- does my quote resonate with you at all or were you like not born yet? 👵🏼

Happy Tuesday my friends! What are you working on or towards today?! I have a ton of housework, workshop design and kids clothes shopping to somehow cram into today. This is the first of many coffees I foresee.

Use 3D fabric paint to make any footed pjs, booties or socks slip-proof. This #momhack is from birdsofafeather.blog. #mommyhack #toddlerhack #babyhack #parenthack #parenting #parentingtips #easyparenting #momtruths #momming #momlife #toddler #toddlers #baby #craftymom #pinterestmom

Happy 19th Anniversary to my best friend. We have had lots of ups and downs over the past 19 Years but I would do it all over again in an instant!

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