#OnWednesdaysWePlantPink mimicry plants! Thanks so much to @shereadsandstuff for tagging us in this very interesting photo set, carefully documenting the yearly growth cycle of Pleiospilos Nelii! I've taken the liberty of stitching them together for you to really showcase the growth !

Pleiospilos Nelii is commonly known as a the Split Rock or Split Top succulent! The unique pink-purple color of today's specimen indicates the "Royal Flush" variety, the only subspecies of this unusual succulent! Pleiospilos Nelii is a very unique perennial succulent that grows about 2-3 inches (5-8 CM) tall and about 4 inches (10 CM) wide at full maturity. This adorable stemless plant remains the same size throughout it's considerably long life! Naturally they grow in the high, arid deserts of the Knersvlakte regions of Namaqualand, South Africa where they see less than 6 inches (15 CM) of rain a year. Split Rocks store vast amounts of water in their thick leaves in preparation of 2 long, harsh dry seasons each year, and feature a body composition of up to 90% water at any given time! Each plant should only ever have 1-3 pairs of opposite and subglobose (nearly spherical) leaves. Each year your Split Rock succulent will use the stores of water kept in it's oldest set of leaves to survive the arid summer and begin growing a new set of leaves as the old are reabsorbed. Young plants or plants that have suffered a worse than normal drought will show only one set of leaves, while a healthy, adult specimen should have 2 full sets of leaves at all times, one to live off of, and one to store water. Twice a year, healthy adult Split Rocks may have 3 sets of leaves for a period of time as the oldest begin to wither and the young grow in, but should return to only 2 in time! Any additional sets of leaves may spell trouble and indicate severe overwatering, an easy thing to do with these drought-tolerant beauties! Unless they begin to show serious signs of neglect, only water your Split Rock succulents in the spring and fall, creating two artificial dry seasons a year to mimic the environment they have evolved to thrive in!

#echeveriarainbow Why are you so pretty? 😍 Spending some extra time with my succy babies to remind myself of all the good things, so I don’t end up hating everyone today. 😐 It’s been one of those days. Breathe in... breathe out... 🧘🏻‍♀️🌸
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Dusty and dusky! That’s the new descriptive term I’m gonna over use for plants with lots of farina and sky/sunset colors🌄💦👻 #pachyphtumfrevelhybrid #pachyphytumfrevel #pastelplants #pastelsucculents #appalachiansucculents #succulentsofnc #succulentsofinstagram #smoothcactus #pinksucculent #koreansucculent #raresucculents

Dark and miserable day up in Bonnie Scotland so I went to B&M and stocked up on some festive Zoflora. No, I'm not sorry, my house smells like Christmas and my scrub buddy is getting a cinnamon soak! So excited for the festives in our new home this year, just hoping we atleast get the dining room and Olivia's bedroom finished before December 😂
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