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3-stone, 3 carat cushion cut light peach sapphire ring flanked by trillion cut diamonds. #queenbee #giacertified

7.53 CT Emerald Cut Vivid Pink Sapphire!

#personalcollection #notforsale
I'm off into the "field" (figuratively and pretty much literally) today with my geography students, and these little juicy gum drop-cherries are going to keep my spirits up ALL day! 🍒 I am so curious about these, they have a hallmark that looks a bit like a dog's head facing left, with the numbers 29 above it. Any guesses at all?? I can't find anything like it. The stones may be pink sapphires or tourmaline, either way they are stunning!

Sundays are for sapphires {and for color!} ✨


Long Umba Sapphire & Sterling Silver Earrings. Tri color sapphire and pyrite stones. 14 gauge Sterling wire hammered and oxidized with 20 gauge hooks made from Argentium silver wire.
I had an amazingly good day yesterday! I worked from the time I got up until I went to bed. I haven't been able to put in a full day of work in a year...maybe two. I'm still unable to sit at my bench for long periods, but I've been doing what I can of soldering/metal work and moving the rest to my sofa (whatever works!). I did wake up this morning with my entire body numb along with insane spasms and stiffness. I also woke up throughout the night with neuropathic pain and spasms but I do that on days I've done nothing. At least I earned it and it was worth it :) -

Umba sapphire is a unique type of sapphire discovered c. 1962 in the Gerevi Hills, north of the Umba River in the Umba Valley of Tanzania. Umba sapphires exhibit coloration not common to sapphires sourced from other parts of the world, and are recovered from the alluvial deposits of the Umba River (Tanzania). As of November 2006, the Tanzanian government prohibits export of these sapphires.
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Gemstones is a cult! Happy Monday!! #spinel #burma

Sundays are for sapphires {and for color!} ✨

💗Pink Sapphire 7.09 ct
💲Total price: $19100
🔹Clarity: VVS (eye clean)
🔹Treatment: heated
🔹Dimensions (mm): 11.82x10.33x7.50
🔹ID: ps-709-1
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Emerald cut Ceylon Sapphires about 1 to 1.50 cts each , this cut is not as Commons as they need superb rough materials to achieve good clarity , clarity that in Emerald cuts is quite challenging due to the very nature of the cut (you see EVERYTHING! !)
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Lovely engagement rings for two of our lovely customers #oldminecut #pinksapphire #alexisdove #alternativebride #fairtrade

Glamour yourself with this astonishing Pink Sapphire and Diamond hair pin #pinksapphire #accesories #hairaccessories #ucg

Pink Sapphire snacks 💕 #ricardobasta #aotd #pinksapphire

Week 11 @sarahhoodjewelry - 14k white gold, pink sapphire, moissanite. This band was recycled from another project, the small setting came out of my setting stash, the pink sapphire is one of the last few in a parcel I bought years ago, and the moissanite is one of a dozen I found stashed away in my stone drawer recently.

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