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Yay! I have finally worked out how to use my instagram! The Pink Pilot is officially on Instagram! 💖✈️ #pinkpilot #pilot #flying

Sometimes early mornings hurt but well worth the sunrise! #pilotlife #pinkpilot

Pink power!!
Estudiar en rosa...
Cogiéndole el gustillo tonto al rosa de forma preocupante...
#PinkPower #PinkPowerToday #PinkRoses #PinkWolrd #PinkPilot

On her birthday we arrive in herne bay makes me really proud - strong women! They make the world go round @thepinkpilot #pinkPilot #love #aviation #girlPower #herneBay

Pink Pilot
Sizes 8-12
#Lingerie #PinkPilot #Costume #CarmaDresses


A stall turn, the more 'basic' manoeuvers are my favourite, especially loops! It felt nice to have another flight in the Cap 10 yesterday, hopefully next week I will continue ✈️ #aviation #aerobatics #stallturn #cap10c #cap10 #flying #airplane #femalepilot #womeninaviation #pinkpilot #traildragger #pilotsofinstagram #training #studentpilot

What an honor to be apart of the TOP 200 PV for JULY out of approximately 400,000 ambassadors!!! 😮😮 See...anyone can be great Ambassador and help others, a business is not something I ever thought I could do but it is something I love!!! 😂😂 Way to go everyone I was lucky enough to share this with!!! Are you ready to join the ALL STARS!!!???
My #goal for August is to help 100 people! Will you join me in all the excitement!!?? ⭐️ ⭐️ #H2H #pinkpilot #sucess100

I think one of the biggest gifts you can give as a true FRIEND is SUPPORT.
I needed support today and got it from a friend I met through a business I believe in!
If you have a friend that is trying to better themselves or make positive changes in their lives, be ENCOURAGING! Maybe they are trying to eat healthier, be a SUPPORTIVE friend. Don't sabotage them by taking them donuts! Maybe they have decided to go back to college in their mid-40's, Don't tell them they are crazy and wasting their money! Maybe they have decided to start their own business. Don't give them negative statistics that will make them feel doomed before they even begin! If your friend has never run a mile but decides they are going to run a marathon, don't tell them it'll be impossible! How do you even know????????? It is not your job to be the judge.
Don't squash other people's passions just because it might not be YOUR passion. Don't poo poo other people's goals & dreams just because they aren't YOUR same goals & dreams.

And, if you are having a really negative reaction to your friend's newfound passion, ask yourself WHY. You might have to be really honest with yourself because it could be that it is causing feelings of insecurity or hurting your pride. It could be that you are afraid it will change your relationship with said friend.
I can almost promise you, at least with 99% certainty, that if you continue to SUPPORT and LOVE your friend, it will not change your relationship. Your friend will be so GRATEFUL for your steadfast LOYALTY that it will most likely strengthen your friendship.

I know personally that I've been truly, deeply hurt by the lack of support from some friends throughout the years...to the point of tears. With losing my mom, becoming a pilot or starting a new business ;) BUT I also can VIVIDLY remember words of support and encouragement from other friends that literally meant the WORLD to me at the time!!! Be THAT friend!!! Be the friend that YOU want others to be to YOU!!!!! Proverbs 17:17 "A friend loves at ALL times." Ecclesiastes 6:14 "A faithful friend is a strong DEFENSE; And he that has found such a one has found a TREASURE."
#pinkpilot #H2H #friend

Sometimes early mornings hurt but well worth the sunrise! #pilotlife #pinkpilot

On her birthday we arrive in herne bay makes me really proud - strong women! They make the world go round @thepinkpilot #pinkPilot #love #aviation #girlPower #herneBay

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