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It's been about 4 months since I had pink hair and I am proud to say that I truly enjoyed having pink hair 🌸.Sadly I am going to dye my hair soon. 4 months is enough time for black roots to grow. If anyone wants to know the salon I get my hair dyed in its at @liekuang 💕💕 He did an amazing job at coloring my hair!! Please check him out if you're interested🌸 #pinkhair #pinkhairdontcare💕 #dyedhair #pinkarmy #thinkbink

"you really are GOOD enough, PRETTY enough, & STRONG enough" -al carraway #pinkhairdontcare💕

Подвели итоги конкурса среди отчаянных девушек, готовых на розовый балаяж -- ждём в гости к стилисту Владимиру нашу победительницу @anastasia_nefedovaa А в честь окончания конкурса всем участницам и сочувствующим любой балаяж, шатуш или омбре в Prestige на Софийской 2000-4000₽ (в зависимости от длины волос)
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Pink hair finally! #pinkhairdontcare💕

Reason number 4,000,528 why I love being a stylist... at 43 you can rock some pink hair! #pinkhairdontcare💕 #michelleschulzestylist #lovewhatyoudo

Ai olls pon ade jugak fefeling nk jadi gadis ayu catwalk sekali sekali walaupon tetap tak semenggah rupe dia. #ikutcarakita #pinkhairdontcare💕

Never had hair this short in my life and I don't think I can ever go back? #pinkhairdontcare💕 hair by @kutstinavant at @thehqlafayette she's 🔥🔥🔥


I started my "P!nk Project" in June. I was a bit hesitant since last year when I tried to go blonde 4" of my hair broke off and I was nearly bald 😳 we call that a chemical haircut 💇🏻. This time I used @olaplex in my bleach and after bleaching. I originally wanted to go light pink but I couldn't get the orange band out so I started with @joicointensity magenta mixed with some @pulpriothair blush and clear. After a month and a half I went back in and bleached again using @olaplex in all my formulas and used the NEW @pulpriothair bleach and developer! I have to say I ❤️❤️❤️their bleach. It is so gentle and gives a great lift. After bleaching I went in with @pulpriothair Blush and Clear and got a lighter pink that I had wanted. I also used @love_amika Bust Your Brass shampoo which is a purple shampoo to get the yellow out after bleaching. I'm not a #hairdresser I'm an #aesthetician but I L❤️ve doing #hair💇🏻 Stay tuned for my new IG page that will be featuring #skincare & #hair tips as well as makeup 💄 and fashion! You won't want to miss it 💋. #pinkhairdontcare💕 #hashtagpixiecuts #pixielife_official #pixie_inspirations #pixielife_official #olaplex #pulpriothair #lifestooshortforboringhair #aesthetician #greatskincare #loveamikaproducts #loveolaplex❤️ #lovepulpriot❤️ #pixiecut

Couldn't resist 😂💖 #pinkhairdontcare💕 #again #igetbored

💗💗💗 #pinkhairdontcare💕

Doors open! My stall is at the entrance door of row 2 B31 in the #founders #founderspavilion #mudgeefielddays #mudgeesmallfarmfielddays

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