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I've got the chill, now I just need some Netflix 📽

Celebrating another beautiful year around the sun. 🎉❤️🎂
As with each year, I've learned so much about myself and what I value in this world. 🙌🏼
Can't wait to see what the next year brings, welcoming it and looking forward to more sharing, growing, and lots of love. ❤️

🌠#PinchaMayurasana#FeatheredPeacockPose or #ForearmStand / #BalancePose
#armbalance with @catbradleyyoga 👈
Pincha Mayurasana/ forearm stand or Feathered Peacock pose. .
Some helpful cues and benefits for you to save. .
Pincha is a strong pose that requires a huge amount of activation. Like with handstand it's important to 'find' your balance and not just use fluke and good luck. .
The benefits are amazing ranging from pada to Hasta. .
Even the prep poses we worked on throughout this series will be hugely beneficial to your foundation. .
The arms and shoulders are your foundation and as we know if the foundation is not there the structure will collapse. It may not be immediately obvious but over time the structure will weaken. So always start with a super solid base then everything else will become solid. .
I hope throughout the series you were able to identify areas of your personal practice that needs some attention and focus. Please continue to work on those areas. Don't rush it, only moving on when the breath becomes effortless at each stage. .
It appears Hollowbody pincha gets the vote for a tutorial so I will work on one for you as soon as I can. .
#yoga #pinchamayurasanatips #aloyoga
#yogaalignment #improveyourpractice

Love October in HK!
Go outside and get some sunshine! #perfectweather #pinchamayurasana

I grew up in an orthodox religious community and knew one way.
Believed one way.
There was only one path.
It was narrow.
And straight.
And when I decided a couple years ago to let go of that vision, my heart exploded.
It's like I got to the top of a mountain and saw everything around me in all directions.
It felt glorious and beautiful.
It was big.
I saw truth in people that I wouldn't have before.
I saw people.
I felt a bigger connection to my human family.
And instead of my heart dividing to portion out love, it swelled.
Look at all of us alive!
And my gratitude for those that led me here remains.
I have only love for the people and the path that have led me to today.
I pay deep respect for anyone lifting others with compassion and kindness, regardless of their affiliation to one thing or another.
My deep joy comes from believing our connections to each other are meaningful and important.
My joy comes from the way I recognize my connection to a living planet and the gift my soul has in being a part of it.
So now when I look at you and the grass below your feet or the way we laugh with open mouths and crinkled eyes, I see a simpler joy.
Amidst all sorrow and suffering and evolution.
A joy where it's not about tomorrow or forever, it's about right now.

Taller de invertidas con mi dulce @aidaventure , feliz de volver a verte, mucha información y técnica para practicar, aprendiendo a "caer" en mi querido Pincha,😂, gracias @resetmovement A combatir miedos💪

#invertidas #yoga #yogapractice #yogachallenge #yogataller #yogafriends #pincha #pinchamayurasana #hanstand #

QUESTION- Where do you live? Tell me below! .
I live in SC, but am in Georgia right now!

High key obsessing over these pants 😍 if you see me in the next few months, there's a good chance I'll be wearing them!
This was all I could manage today. After an enormous sushi lunch I'm feeling very full and heavy. Better than nothing!
Also, two of my friends @yogi_lizlivingfully and @mikmill have started the #yogifamstrong hashtag to spread the love in our community! I want to shout out @melmof_ and @yogidslvo my two babes who I love oh so much for my post in the hashtag! Go check them out if you haven't 🙋🏻👍🏻😘
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About yesterday's practice:
Welcome fear.. you are welcome to make me feel uncomfortable .. to make me feel scared.. to make me take the risk.. to make me change.. and most of all , to make me GROW .. So welcome fear.. you are very welcome here! Gracias @lailakuri por siempre recordarme lo importante en esta vida! Tqmm💚💚💚#risk #taketherisk #funkypincha #pinchamayurasana #pinchavariation #inversions #woods #nature #naturelover #yoga #yogalover #yogainspiration #yogateacher #vinyasa #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #om #namaste #flow #gym #gymaddict #love #enjoy #goodweekend #breath #joy #smile


So, when was the last time you hug yourself? Have you ever give yourself a hug? Sounds chicky?!😏
We know how important it is to give a warm hug to other people, but have we ever thought of giving one to yourself?
When we give gratitude to ourselves, when we appreciate ourselves, when we give time to ourselves and when we thank ourselves...we know and learn how to genuinely value others. It always start here, inside our ❤️. So go give yourself a gooood hug and more loooove 😘.
Top and shorts by @the_yogilab #hugyourself #hug #loveyourself #memyselfandi #mefirst #youfirst #yogainspiration #upsidedown #pinchamayurasana #practicemakesprogress #myboxofdelight #yoginionandoffthemat #blackandwhite #namaste

Não é segredo a minha trajetória e amor pelos #asanas invertidos. Não aconteceu de uma hora para outra, não foi muito fácil... o trabalho aconteceu de dentro para fora.
Depois de conversar com algumas pessoas eu resolvi montar um #Workshop de #Yoga sobre esses asanas invertidos.
Vou compartilhar a minha trajetória nisso tudo, o que me ajudou, o me me motiva, a razão de praticar tais asanas e os cuidados que precisamos ter em pratica-los.
Será uma alegria ter você com a gente!
Falarei não somente dos aspectos físicos e anatômicos de cada asana, mas também como suas variações, adaptações para o seu corpo, posturas a serem realizadas para o fortalecimento do corpo para realizar tais asanas invertidos, os motivos e benefícios dessas posturas e suas contra indicações.
Se você é prof de yoga e quer se aprofundar no assunto... você é bem vindo!
Se você acabou de descobrir o mundo do yoga e quer saber o que são posturas invertidas... você é bem vindo!
Se você é aluno regular de yoga e acredita que com esse conhecimento você se sentirá mais confiante para realizar esses asanas durante as aulas... você é bem vindo!! _

Todos são bem vindos!
_ ! A T E N Ç Ã O !
Só não é recomendado atender ao workshop se você apresenta: ** Hipertensão, Cardiopatias, Hérnia de hiato, Glaucoma, Deslocamento de retina, período de gestação ** Por amor, reserve a sua vaga, pois são limitadas!
Telefone: 19 3041-4039 ou 19 98451-0006
Valor de Troca: R$100
Local: Arte OM
5 de Novembro de 2017, 8h - 12h

That one time I hiked a long way up (don't remember how high lol) to reach amazing views at the top at Angthong National Marine Park in Thailand 😍 .
#yoga #yogi #thailand #travel #views #yogaeverydamnday #yogaposes #pinchamayurasana #pincha #forearmstand #live #practice #ocean #angthongnationalpark

Today was the first time I've tried out flat palms while on my forearms. I've been attempting to work on deepening my backbend in Pincha Mayurasana, but always with my fingers interlocked, or 'prayer hands'. Here's my 1 month progress of hollow back pincha mayurasana 👣

Pincha Mayurasana PC: @liamkuck

"Practice and all is coming" Sri K. Pattabhi Jois 🙏 #balance #workingonit #pinchamayurasana #yogaforlife

It's been a while since I've posted, but still got moves 🍍🔮✨

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