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Something new. #cadielle #pin100 #longboard

La «Obediencia» es el principio, pero la «Responsabilidad» es el objetivo final
#MaestriaAnfitriones #Manual #Pin100


‘This young woman stares intently at the viewer 'I told you not to' she says. I imagined her as if painted on a wall. Graffiti style marks and mid-century style fabrics cover her and add a layer of moodiness.
As an actress, I’ve always been fascinated by faces and what they can express without words. I strive to produce images of the expressions which capture my imagination. This woman is showing reproachfulness and a steely determination.’ - Lesley Taylor
‘I Told You Not To’
Acrylics on Canvas

92 x 122cm

See more or purchase online from @hatch_d

A painting to complement either a Scandi décor or a Warehouse Industrial look.
'Lucky 158, Barely There, Urban Nude' by Lesley Taylor.
If you want to own this original piece make us an offer. Use the link in our bio and you'll find it in the Abstract August Collection. All offers will be considered.

'Disdain-He' by Lesley Taylor. Pop meets Street. Read more about the attitude piece and see in situ via the link in our bio

‘Pop Art meets Street Art.
The DANCER gives you joyful attitude and as he leaps across the canvas we get his take on life . .. DANCE FOR YOUR DREAMS ! On his coat we can see that he dreams of music stardom, of travel, of riches, of plentiful friendships and of romantic love. The fat man smoking implies that these will only be dreams until he moves to dance. An inspiration to exercise!’- Lesley.
‘Dance for Your Dreams’
Original Acrylic on Canvas by Lesley Taylor
See more or purchase from @hatch_d

Because sometimes life's a circus!
‘A maze of pathways for you to travel on. A heavily textured piece to meditate on, in shades of blue, aqua, green and grey, black and white. ’- Lesley Taylor.
‘From Here To There Bread And Circuses’
Original Mixed media Canvas by Lesley Taylor
See more or purchase from @hatch_d

‘Stencil Street style meets Pop meets Graffiti. This Black and Blue nude looks at you, asking you to interpret the symbols that cover her like tattoos. Shapes and symbols and are also part of the background wall into which she is painted. A textural piece 2 years in the percolation.
The sides have been finished in indigo (very dark) blue to give a modern finish and
making the work ready to hang unframed.’ - Lesley Taylor
‘Black and Blue, Urban Nude’
Original Canvas by Lesley Taylor
See more or purchase from @hatch_d

My new speedpainting #speedpainting #landscape #digitalart #art #pin100 fantasy #sunset

‘Homes, Structures, Shelters and Edifices’
Original acrylic on canvas by Lesley Taylor AKA PIN100
See more or purchase from @Hatch_d
‘There is something so comforting about pictures of homes. Even the smallest child instinctively knows this when they begin to draw. This is a celebration of our love of homes, structures, shelters and edifices. The colours are vibrant and the design is humorous. In full lighting the detail is evident, but in low lighting the effect is of a design created by shapes of vibrant colour. A large (4ft x 5ft) statement piece to bring a splash of colour, fun and comfort to your living space.’- Lesley Taylor

‘Mrs Dalrymple likes to Shop’
Scandi fun with a Siamese Cat
by Lesley Taylor

See more or purchase from @Hatch_d

Lesley says ...
Mrs Dalrymple is a Siamese cat with delusions of grandeur and a secret life. This is how she sees herself. She is a snappy dresser who has a fondness for shopping bags, boxes and fancy wrapping ribbons. The smaller cats in this painting are how we see her ‘shopping activities’.
On a background of smoky blue, the colours are ink, grey, crimson, magenta, white, aqua, yellow and cobalt blue.
The whole will add a bag of vibrant colour, a box of whimsy and a carton of humour to your Scandi or Scandustrial décor. This would be fun in a beach house where you want to encourage people to relax.



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