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new #PIMPINJOY hoodies + beanies coming soon and 100% proceeds will benefit families in need this holiday season...so be ready to shop! 🎁

These #pimpinjoy beanies go up on Monday! Look how happy they make us

It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! #Repost @radioamy・C U R R E N T M O O D #CHRISTMAS ❤️🎄🎅🏼 . new #PIMPINJOY hoodies + beanies coming soon and 100% proceeds will benefit families in need this holiday season...so be ready to shop! 🎁

It's beanie season ❄️ #pimpinjoy toboggans coming soon 👊🏻 @theshopforward

I'm loving the new #pimpinjoy beanies! On sale soon @theshopforward ! Would make the perfect Christmas gift. 🙌🏻☃️🎅🏼

REPOST • help one of our listeners (Bethany) reach her goal! • donate on BobbyBones.com • I’m SO overwhelmed with joy about how my campaign is going to provide shoes for the kids at my school!
This dream came to me only a week ago to provide all 85 of my kindergarten students with new shoes for Christmas as I saw the need and knew how much of a struggle it can be for their families to provide such basic needs at times.
Because of the generosity from so many friends, family and strangers I decided to really reach for the stars and up the campaign to providing shoes for the ENTIRE school. ALL 620 STUDENTS from pre-k to 6th grade!
The response has been amazing.
The local news ran my story.
The money has been pouring in.
I’ve gotten phone calls from strangers who own shoe stores that want to help.
I’m pinching myself because surely this is all a dream.
But it’s not.
Kindness is real and it’s freaking contagious!
There’s still a long ways to go if all 620 students are gonna get new shoes so I am just hoping, wishing, praying and believing that there are still BIG miracles on the horizon!
Follow the link in my bio to donate to my @gofundme page! And find me on FB (Bethany Martin) to share the story that was aired on @kjrh2 yesterday!
Also- shout out to @mrbobbybones @bobbybonesshow @radioamy @theshopforward for my #tellmesomethinggood shirt that I wore for my news interview that was literally a Tell Me Something Good story 🙌🏼 #pimpinjoy

Feelin’ so fresh & so clean!! The wound from my surgery on my hip is starting to heal up nicely and I got to take a fresh shower this afternoon!!
Today I will have been in the hospital 24 out of the last 26 days. While I was originally expecting to only be in the hospital for 24 hours after my sinus surgery you have to always expect the unexpected when it comes to transplant life. The final decided discharge date is going to be Tuesday...just in time for Thanksgiving!! I will have finished a full course of two antibiotics & will only be going home on one IV antifungal that I will be on for at least 8 weeks. This will make my home regimen much easier.
This year I have so much to be thankful for. My loving family who has supported me along this entire transplant journey, my friends who are always by my side, modern medicine & the advancements of new drugs, my doctors and the rest of the medical staff who cares for me at the hospital, my donor Samantha. The list of things I am thankful for could go on forever! Most of all I am just thankful to be alive & to be able to take a deep breath every day! There are always things in life to be thankful for! If you’re going through a rough time, take a moment to think of all of the positive things you have going for you at the moment. Don’t focus on the negatives or the tough things, focus on the good. No matter what, there are always things to smile about! You will find something to smile about!
What are you thankful for this holiday season? What has made you smile in recent days?
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I love the new #pimpinjoy beanies- SO cute | they’re coming soon! @theshopforward

Comfy #PimpinJoy, yes please. •• On sale for St Jude starting Monday for #JoyWeek 🤗


Can’t wait for it to be cold enough to wear this🤗 #pimpinjoy #beanieseason

These #pimpinjoy beanies go up on Monday! Look how happy they make us

"What you focus on expands"
#BOLDLaw #giveback #pimpinjoy

I'm loving the new #pimpinjoy beanies! On sale soon @theshopforward ! Would make the perfect Christmas gift. 🙌🏻☃️🎅🏼

Purpose over preference. That’s the theme for today. This is a tough one. As moms, myself very much included, we have a tendency to struggle with the humility side of motherhood. I think it stems mostly from the fact that, let’s face it, at least at this stage, it’s kind of a thankless “job.” Kiddos don’t mean to be ungrateful, but it’s not in their nature yet to see all that we do. We are also still human, born with a sin {ie: self} nature. Sometimes this desire to be appreciated and seen comes out in a “martyr mother” attitude. But that’s not what humility’s right service is. Jesus has called us to a life of humility, just like He lived here on earth. C.S. Lewis said, “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” Getting up before the sun is not my preference for sure. I’d definitely rather stay snuggled in my warm bed. And we all know I’d love refer to skip that workout and have a donut instead. But my purpose is greater. To take care of the tiny toes coming down the stairs. To spend time with my Father and practice self-care as a form of thankfulness and worship to Him. To take care of me so I can take better care of them. He laid down His rights, His deity, so He could die an underserved and excruciating death for me. He submitted His will to the Father’s for you and for me...no bragging, whining or throwing it in our face.
Father, may you show us today how to be humble in mothering. Help us see that our purpose is greater than our selfish preference. Help us see how much YOU value us and that the truth you’ve give us is that it is greater to give than receive. Help us remember that true humility shouldn’t show. Help us remember that true service towards others comes from our love for You, not obligation or for approval/applause from others. Help us Jesus, to gladly lay down our will for Yours. Your purpose over our comfort. Your way, over our way. Every time, God.

Good Morning My Beautiful Friends! Man what a glorious day to be alive! Hope your weekend was full of blessings! Maybe be sure was! Now! Can we DANCE!? Remember to be Kind! Be Awesome! SMILE! It contagious! #pimpinjoy @pimpinjoy @theshopforward @bobbybonesshow @mrbobbybones

Jonathan started ukulele lessons at @hashtagsharps for his birthday! He's so excited to be learning how to play an instrument. #birthdayboy #celebrate #ukulele #littleguitar #pimpinjoy #music #musician #neverstoplearning #islandstyle #livethelifeyoulove

Stopped through Mountain Pine on our way home from playing soccer in Little Rock to see the hometown of the greatest radio host ever. Bobby Bones is the best! #fightgrindrepeat #everydaysagoodday #pimpinjoy #mrbobbybones

**Remember** Getting the body you want doesn't come from just working out!!
It comes from nutrition and fueling your body right!! Ever heard of the saying "abs are made in the kitchen"??? This is July 21st in the before....and Nov 15th in the after.
I have completed 3 different programs in that time frame based on 30 minutes of exercise a day, 6 days a week, and had worked on my nutrition. Wasn't perfect but my choices were much better than before.
If I can do this with working full-time and getting my son to football 3 nights a week plus a game on the weekend then so can YOU.

So stop making excuses. Make a change!
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