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Stepped Into Dexter's Lab 🔬 👨🏿‍⚕️ 📸 And Came Out Ready For The Big Screen 🎥. @dexterbrownfoto Is A Scientist With The Lens 📷.
#HeadShots #PilotSeason #Actor #Preparation

Get u a headshot that's all YOU. Zero bells & whistles. No over-editing. I'm so happy to see ME in my photo, and not a glossy cyborg version of "me".
#ThankYou @robertoshoots u a reel one.📸🎞🎬
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Black Friday: The perfect day to watch a dark comedy. Check out @seaoakamazon and please rate it and vote for us so we can make more episodes. Do it for the babies!!! #SeaOak #georgesaunders #amazon #TV #television #pilotseason #blackfriday #glennclose

I found this headshot
from a photo shoot last year ⬆️
I really love it all of a sudden!
Photography by the always amazing @danavardphoto 📸📸📸

What do you think?

Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍂🍃 We love our actors. Thank you for your continued support. Check your emails for a special thank you from us 🦃

For those who are celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁! Be thankful everyday not just today. #wildsamfierce @jeanpierre_photography

Who needs new headshots? Hit me up!

Jennifer Garcia

While it's early morning back home, it's the evening here. I'm sitting by the fire, eating dinner, sipping a glass(or two) of wine in a wonderful little restaurant decorated for 🎄 Christmas. The staff is cheerful and relaxed, and for the first time in months, I'm starting to relax. The pace of Los Angeles can stick with you. Learning to slow down and enjoy what a wonderful little planet we live on. 🌏

Yaaaassss girllll!!! 😍 loving this beautiful face!! #Repost @sheaannephotos
LOVEING these new #theatrical headshot for @edenmccoy
Hair and make up @lisatbeauty
#sheaannephotography #generalhospital #actress #lifeofanactress #topphotographer #coasttocoast #seriesregular #pilotseason #newwork

Here are some manmade caves surrounding the castle! Used for escape from attacks! #likewhoa

Today we headed out of the city to Cork. Along the way we stopped off at the Blarney Castle and stone. My Dad planned on kissing it and I planned on following along. Didn't realize the stone is over a wide opening you can fall through and they have people holding you. Did I mention you have to do it on your back? I almost chickened out until several other tourists and the men who hold you up rallied around and "playfully picked on me" to do it. I did it and don't regret it. It's suppose to bring the gift of eloquence. Read up on it! Crazy past about all of it's power. Apparently a witch saved from drowning told the king of the stone's power.

Finally cleaning my space for this season. Great job guys! #PilotSeason #scripts #passion #PaperWork

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