Day 5. Flights I've made = 3, flights ive been on = 5. Company designated ferry pilot this week. #pilotlife #pilotsofinstagram #jetpilot #piloteyes


@etihadairways A380 😍✈️
•(Photo by @cedarjet201 )

The ATR Navigation Display! How does it work and what is shown on it?
The Navigation display allows us to see where we are heading and where we are at any one time. The number at the top, ‘040’ is the aircrafts heading in Magnetic Degrees. We can bug this heading by moving the blue dial. The magenta triangle to the right of the heading shows us our Track.
The difference between heading and track is our drift angle. At the bottom left, you can see what the wind is doing at our altitude, approximately 280 at 30 knots. To maintain track we need to turn the aircraft into the wind more.
On the bottom right you can see what our ground speed is in knots.
Other things that are displayed here are the various waypoints on our flight plan. This is the arrival into Gatwick and we are flying towards VASUX which is shown in Magenta.
I’ve also got terrain displaying which shows the outline of the country and coastline, good for situational awareness.

Beautiful sunset, cruising with our DA42 ✈️👍 #europilotcenter #airlinecareerprogram2018 #instaaviation #piloteyes

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