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ABS ARMS ASS™ Wait for it. Tap for sound, double tap for love ❤️. Follow me back @heatherandersen_ #newyorkpilates #areyouunlimited #feelyourself

Thank you to my international friends @pilatesandmovementbyangie @michellelopeshayashi @sianmarshallpilates for supporting and representing our brand!! ™
#sergeyspilates and be featured 🙇🏻

#healingwithpilates Confessional ❤️ 1st Vid ~ My fear 😌
2nd Vid ~ A big gratitude to your incredible brilliance! 🙏
3rd Vid ~ Gratitude to the Radiance that is you! 💗
Even though our 6 month Anniversary was a few weeks ago, we can't thank you enough for your incredible contributions. ❤️
❤️ We all work very differently and having your amazing insights gives way to infinite healing for all of us. 🙏 As we share our passion of Pilates. We consciously illuminate the world with love on such a profound scale. ✨ Thank you for having the courage to say yes. 🙌 Thank you for illuminating our minds and body to new ideas and wonderful cues. You are the gift and @zaynagold and I can't thank you enough! 💗
Our community 👬👭👫 is stronger and more united because of you! 🙌💗 Please consider posting for us this week. The theme is #wingedscapula ~ Your brilliance is greatly needed! We'd love to hear from you! 🤗💗✨ Happy Sunday my beautiful friends!!

Some people are natural backbenders. I am not one of those people. 😕Tight shoulders, tight thoracic spine, hypermobile lumbar spine... Perhaps you're with me?? Pilates said, "If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young." So, in addition to my fabulously effective skin care products, I'm gonna keep working on my back flexibility. #backbend #thoracicbridge #sundaystretch #stretchsesh #fusepilates #fitover40 #progressnotperfection #pilates #pilatesmat #pilateslove #pilatesinstructor

{eng. below}
Evimde yaşayan her canlı bir gün (zorla da olsa) Pilates'le tanışacaktır 😻 Ben Luke'a zorla eşlik ettirirken, Leia kılını kıpırdatmadan yan odada horlamaya devam ediyordu... Neyse ikide bir iyidir 😹 Bu egzersizle neremi çalıştırıyorum diyenlere, iç bacak iç bacak iç bacak!! Gitsin bıngıl bıngıl iç bacaklar, gelsin sütun bacaklar 👙 #okadarbasit

Two days late but I managed (forced) to get at least one of our cats to do Pilates with me for @informedtechnique and @liftedpilates. I love the idea of your wonderful #pilatesandpets project 💓 While Luke helped assist my plié squats, Leia was snoring away in the room next door 💤 #itsthatsimple

Okay so I didn't realise my back could do this #backstretch only @sianmarshallpilates would make me realise I could do such things!! This feeeeels amazing!

"The magic circle is a pretty halo of hell-" Ashlee Carignan 😇💜
Alyna @momentum_pilates and I are so excited the time has finally arrived!! THE NEW TAG IS.......
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨#propsforeveryone 🙌🏻🏐 Time to grab those bands, balls, rings, weights and show us how you WERK IT! It can be done with any prop, anywhere! We know how creative you all are--Let the fun begin! Please tag @momentum_pilates @pilateswithashlee #propsforeveryone and you can also include #pilatesandprops 😀You can also go back and tag older post as we've been seeing A LOT lately ;)*
More than the excitement of getting back to our tags, this one is particularly special since we got our FIRST sponsor @onzie 😃🙌🏼👍🏻👍🏻 We are so happy to be partner with this AWESOME brand and each video we'll be showcasing a new #nightfall outfit! You have to check out their newest collection and every new subscriber gets 10% off their entire order woohoo. 🎉🎉🎉
⭐️Let the shopping begin! I've already helped myself to half the collection ha! ⭐️🎶 Naz feat Lauren Hill: If I ruled the world (seemed appropriate 😉) #pilateswithashlee #partnersincrime #hiphop #onzie
NOTE: Don't forget to check my #workingwell podcast in my profile! Wohooo 😀👌🏼❤️

Great Pilates move "on the ladder barrel" by @goneadventuringpilates. She added #theraband. She recommends a focus on lengthening the spine and engaging the core. And, take it slowly. The video here is sped up.
#pilates #overtheladderbarrel #usethewall #pilatesanytime #pilatesathome #athomepilates #busyfitandhealthy #doitfitandhealthy #fitandhealthy #pilatesfit #pilateslove #coredeforce #engagethecore #focus


Have you tried the pilates reformer yet? What are you waiting for? 😉

Que maravilha, amanhã tem PILATES 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 uma semana maravilhosa a todos com muito PILATES 🙏🏻 👉STUDIO MOVIMENTO PILATES 6 ANOS CUIDANDO DE VOCÊ . 🌀AULAS PERSONALIZADAS
Todas as modalidades inclusas 👉 Pilates Tradicional
👉 Pilates Fitness
👉 Pilates Funcional
👉 Pilates Aéreo
👉 Plataforma Vibratória 👉 3 avaliações ⏰Horários flexíveis
📆 Seg a Sexta
07:00 as 12:00
15:00 as 20:00
8:00 as 10:00
📌Marque sua aula / avaliação GRATUITA
☎️ (65) 3054-3419
📲Whats 99222-2949
📍 Cuiabá MT #studiomovimentopilates #movimento #movimentopilates #pilates #pilatestop #pilatesmove #pilatesgirl #pilateslove #pilatespelomundo #pilatesparatodos #studiomovimento6anos #pilateslovers #pilatesavancado #pilatesaereo #pilatescomamor #pilatesfitness #pilatesfuncional #cardio #vidasaudavel #vida #qualidadedevida #pilatestododia #pilateseveryday #pilatescadillac

Uma boa noite e uma excelente semana pra todos. #segundaédia #pilateslove #pilatesconcept 😉😉😉

Only a few more weeks left of teaching😱 What am I going to do with myself?!! Everyone keeps telling me to appreciate the rest time as I'll never get these last weeks back again... and I really am excited to slow down a bit and spend more time connecting with bubba, doing some slower, more mindful movement practices and learning how to sit still and relax for more than 5 seconds! Catch me at the barre @moveandbe Tuesdays, Wednesdays + Saturdays and in the reformer studio @kxpilates on Thursdays✌️#thirdtrimester

Mais uma do Jardim das esculturas.
E tirei muitas outras por lá!ahaha 😂.Esse lugar é incrível pra quem gosta de yoga/Pilates.

#pilates #poseyoga #yogaphotography #yogaphoto #pilatesphotography #yogalove #pilateslove #yogaepilates #pilateseyoga #esculturas #pilatesinstructor

✨New product✨@rasasaraskinfood facial exfoliant and mask ❤️ A traditional Ayurvedic treatment, to attain clear, glowing skin, ‘Ubtans’ or cleansing exfoliants are gentle enough for daily use and may also be applied as a mask. Composed of raw, nutritive, grains & herbal powders, they act to cleanse, remove toxins & dead skin cells, improve circulation & strengthen the skin.

l i t t l e t h i n g s • our world is non stop. We are constantly checking our phones, our tablets and our digital possessions. We can search anything at the click of a button - some good, some not so good. The little moments in life are so embedded in our 'busy' that sometimes we race straight past them and don't realise they are right there. Take 10 seconds right now (yes, do it!!) and name 3 things that are beautiful around you.
Mine? The blue tiles in the photo, the woman who just let me into her car space, oh and Beyoncé just came on my playlist 😂

Have you joined us for our Lemon Reservoir Pilates Paddleboard classes yet? Warm ups, paddle lesson, quicker goal achievement, and extra core-challenge!
Saturday, Aug 19th // Wednesday, Aug 23rd // Wednesday, Aug 30th >>> 10-11:30AM >>> $35 >> Paddleboards Included
Register through the link in our bio!

#teaser exercício que fortalece o abdômen e nos inspira a começar a semana com disposição para Pilatear 🙃 Entre em contato para agendar a sua aula experimental sem custo! Parabéns para a aluna @nathpetenuci pela execução e por escolher o Método Pilates para cuidar da sua saúde! #pilates #érikanallistudiopilates #pilatesbauru #pilatesbrasil #pilatespelomundo #pilateslovers #pilateslove #pilatescomamor #pilatesstudio #pilatesbody #pilatesnaveia #pilatesavancado #pilatesmat #pilateslife #pilateslifestyle #pilatesday #pilatesclass #pilateiros #pilateiras #pilateando #healthylifestyle #spinehealth #vempilatear

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