💗I realize how many of you love Pika, whether you’ve followed Pika’s story from the beginning or just found her account recently...💗Pika was truly special💗💗💗
💗I founded @luvabledogrescue in 1999 and we’ve saved well over 2000 dogs, but I have never met a dog like Pika💗You all know my heart broke when cancer killed her last September💗I know your hearts were broken, too... it was so unexpected and horrible💗
I decided to cryogenically preserve some of Pika’s DNA💗I’m not even sure why... or what the future might hold...but I had to keep some part of her...just in case💗 I’ll keep you posted... #pikastrong #pikaforever

#pikastrong #pikaforever

💗I got a ball for Pika💗She loves her tennis balls...🎾#pikastrong #pikaforever

💗Pika was always the better driver...💗ha ha
💗Pika had no fear of anything! And Pika had a special affinity for heavy equipment💗I'm not sure why except that she was rescued from a "chop shop" in Los Angeles which was probably always full of diesel smells and engine noises😐I miss her with every breath I take💗 #tbt #pikastrong #pikaforever

💗One of Pika's favorite activities with one of Pika's favorite people😊 @kelly_beal_photography 💗 #tbt #LapDancing #pikastrong #pikaforever

#pikastrong #pikaforever

💗A rare glimpse of Angel Pika chasing her precious tennis ball🎾💗🎾💗🎾💗🎾💗🎾💗🎾#pikastrong #pikaforever #waiformeinheaven #gladsomeisthrowingballsforyou

Hello everybody...this is Liesl, sharing a #tbt 💗It is so strange to see videos without Pika...
@pika_outofthe_hole in them!💗But here is our #tbt to last November💗
💗Pika had died in September of liver cancer💗
💗And One month before filming this, on October 7, Pablo had died suddenly...while on a walk with me and Picasso, he literally lay down and died...💗(we did a necropsy and it was from a brain aneurysm!)💗And just like that, the world completely changed for me and for Picasso... I lost Pika, my best friend, and he lost Pablo, his brother and best friend💗And for those of you who didn’t know the whole story, that is how Picasso became a part of my personal pack💗
💗Now I can’t imagine life without Picasso💗But there will never be a dog like our sweet Pika...!💗#pikastrong #pikaforever #throwbackthursday #perfectlyimperfect #rescueddogsofinstagram

💗It’s so odd now to see videos without Picasso in them!💗But here is our #tbt to last August💗
💗One week after this was taken, I learned Pika had liver cancer💗At this time, Pablo and Picasso were living in my house, on a lower level, and hadn’t met any of my dogs!💗Mostly because Picasso was dog-reactive and super over-protective of Pablo!💗Wow, has Picasso ever changed!💗
💗One month after filming this, Pika was dead, and three weeks after her death, Pablo died💗(we did a necropsy and it was from a brain aneurysm!)💗And just like that, the world had completely changed for me and for Picasso... I lost Pika and he lost Pablo💗And for those of you who didn’t know the whole story, that is how Picasso became a part of my personal pack💗
💗Now I can’t imagine life without Picasso💗But there will never be a dog like our sweet Pika...!💗#pikastrong #pikaforever #throwbackthursday

Haha Wilder sure loves his Wombat😁💜So amazing to see these three back together again...they were such very close friends...💜The second video was right after the sculptures arrived and the boys saw her for the first time💜Wombat and Wilder settled right next to her💜It was sad, and weird, and beautiful...💜 #pikastrong #pikaforever

💗Hello everybody!💗This is Liesl - dog mom to this amazing pack!💗If you follow her, you know Pika was a French Bulldog rescued by my shelter, @luvabledogrescue in 2015💗I adopted her💗She was truly the most amazing dog I have ever known, and she had my whole heart. She had survived unimaginable neglect and was still bubbling over with love and joy and a passion for life💗Her motto was “Live Life out of the Hole!” which meant, appreciate and embrace every moment you have💗
💗Pika and Wombat were best friends💗Picasso never met her💗Pika died of liver cancer on September 14 of last year💗Three weeks later, Picasso’s best friend, his brother Pablo, died while we were together taking a walk💗Pablo just laid down and died...after just losing Pika, it was almost more than my heart could bear💗But I had to go on because Picasso was devastated and my other dogs needed me, too💗So, I went on. But my heart felt completely broken💗
💗But hope and life goes on...💗I feel so blessed to have Picasso in my life💗He lost Pablo and I lost Pika, and so then we had each other💗
And the story continues...
💗this bronze statue of Pika was created by artist #DanChen and commissioned by our dear dog rescue friend, Tony🐶.
💗If you are interested in seeing a bit about the lives of Picasso and my other dogs, please visit @picassothewonkyandwacku 💗 💗And thank you, everybody, for all the love and kindness you send to these beautiful dogs every day💗I am so grateful💗
💗Life can be full of pain at times...the best thing to do is try to fill it back up with love💗 — Liesl
#pikastrong #pikaforever

💗Hello everybody!!!💗After many months and a very long process, the amazing artist #DanChen has completed the two bronze statues of 💗Pika💗It just seemed right to have Wombat provide the big reveal!💗Here is the larger of the two statues, Pika standing💗
💗It’s been a very emotional experience to have these statues made💗Dan Chen captured Pika’s soul and spirit beautifully, and these creations are a gift beyond my wildest imaginings... but they also break my heart all over again💗They feel like Pika, but they are not her, and I miss her so much💗
💗I am so grateful to our dear friend Tony for commissioning these sculptures💗Someday hopefully they will be installed at our new @luvabledogrescue shelter in her honor and memory💗 #pikastrong #pikaforever

💗Pika’s bronze sculptures have been cast!!!💗Our amazing artist #DanChen is starting on the patina process💗 #pikastrong #pikaforever

💗Pika always thought she could win, even though I was of course like, five times bigger than she was🙂I still cannot watch videos of her without falling apart... my world is full of amazing dogs, but there is nobody like Pika💗Thank you to everyone who still follows this account💗Her beautiful bronze statues are being cast and I’ll share those as they continue to be created and finished💗And I am working on another chapter to Pika’s amazing story💗I’ll post updates as things progress... meanwhile, life is incredibly busy @luvabledogrescue as work continues on our new shelter and we are saving more dogs than ever at the existing facility🙂Life goes on, but I would give anything to have Pika back💗#pikastrong #pikaforever

💙This is probably one of my all time favorite videos of Pika and Wombat together... and the song was perfect...so I’m hoping IG doesn’t remove it...💙These two were so precious together💙#pikastrong #pikaforever

💗I’m posting this with the Prince Song but I expect Instagram will remove it...poor Pika was having an itchy tail and butt moment💗The other dogs were concerned...🙂I love her so much💗I still can’t watch these without tears💗My life is full of incredible and special dogs, which you know if you follow @picassothewonkyandwacku or @rescuelifebleu but there will never be a dog like my Pika out of the hole💗#pikastrong #pikaforever

Me with Christine and Ashley, visiting Dan Chen’s studio to see the final clay models💗The clay models of Pika are now in the process of being molded, and then the bronzes will be cast💗Yeah, it’s surreal to see Pika in these...!!!💗They look so much like her, but of course are super-sized versions...like what Pika would have looked like if she’d been the size of an English Bulldog, or something...💗The bronzes should be done soon... I miss her every day and still cannot think about her or look at her images without tears welling up... I still can’t help but feel she wasn’t supposed to die when she did...that we were supposed to have more time together💗I’m sure everybody who loses someone they love feels this way...💗When you love something, you can never have enough time...💗
#pikastrong #pikaforever

The sculpture of Pika standing was too large to mold as one piece...💗It’s a little eerie to see Pika in two pieces like this but it’s also so incredible...even like this, it still looks so much like her!💗#pikastrong #pikaforever

This is the wax💗Slide for another image of the progress of Pika's sculpture!💗The clay model has been molded and from the mold we can create the wax, which will be used to cast the bronze💗I'm so grateful to #DanChen for this amazing creation...💗Not sure when it will be cast but soon!!!💗#Pikastrong #pikaforever

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