Happy Fade Friday peeps! These are my PIH5DCT. They’re really shedding Indigo lately

Happy Selvedge Sunday! My DWC2 jeans just got their 7th wash. Almost a year in 🤘🏽

Back at it! As much as I love wearing white pocket tees every day, I’m looking forward to the fall! Who’s with me!?

Cuff Carnage!

It’s only Lunch time and I’m already beat!! This heat is getting to me... atleast I’m starting to see some good evo on these Pronto x Iron Heart 25oz. Jeans

Tried my hand at a little sashiko repair. Inspired by @indigoashby and @leatherandraw we’ll see how it holds up... these are my DWC2 Iron hearts PIH5DCT

Happy Selvedge Sunday! Go out and get your cuffs dirty!

Working in workwear

Happy Selvedge Sunday from my dirty Iron Hearts.

These are starting to shed Indigo

This @shipjohn x @oaksbottomforge cross draw has been treat’n me right!

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