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Time for another Pippa update! Her feet are nearly 100% healed, and she is back to her old self. She is gaining weight again (thank goodness) and her skin is still clear! So happy my GirlyPig is doing so well. ❤️

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My gorgeous girl. ❤️

I think we can finally say we are in the clear for piggy medical issues! 👏 THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words, support and advice over the last few weeks. This PigMum would've gone crazy without you all!! ❤️

My sweet baby. ❤️ He has not prolapsed in a couple of days now. 👏🏼 Fingers crossed that it stays that way, but I feel like I can finally take a breath and stop worrying. 🙌🏼 He has a serious case of stinky bum (probably because of all the oil that’s been shoved up there...his bum bum is greasy and sticky), so I’ll give him a bath and hopefully we’ll be in the clear!

Time for another Pippa update! Her feet are nearly 100% healed, and she is back to her old self. She is gaining weight again (thank goodness) and her skin is still clear! So happy my GirlyPig is doing so well. ❤️

JerkPig strikes again.

#pancaketheguineapig likes to watch me while I work. The other day I looked over and she was propped up on her strawberry house like this staring and me and smiling this picture tire doesn’t even do the cute smug look on her face justice! #cheekypig #guineapig #guineapigsofinstagram #pigslave #cavy #cavysofinstagram #piggram #cavygram

Both baby GirlyPigs together?
I decided to try giving Pippa and Lucy the opportunity for direct contact for the first time ever. Pip tends to be more energetic and in your face, whereas Lu is more laid back and mellow. This caused some tension and one major spat. Nothing huge, but Lu snapped at Pippa and drew some blood. Separated them for the night to let them cool down, and I’ll continue allowing supervised interactions for now. 😊
#HTNPpippa #HTNPlucy

Baby Lucy is getting a round little belly on her ❤️

My sweet girl has improved a lot, thank goodness. 💞 I think she must have been quite a bit younger than I was told, because she’s still such a tiny baby. But she is gaining weight, and her spine is not nearly as defined. Her skin is also regulating its own moisture, finally. Things are finally starting to look up ❤️

I know that many of you have been anxiously waiting for an update on our sweet Harry, and I haven’t posted because, honestly, there hasn’t been anything to update on.
Until now, that is....
Harry has not prolapsed once since yesterday!! 🎉 Not overnight, and not all day. He is not out of the clear yet, but this is a really good sign. Please keep your fingers crossed. 🤞🏼💖

Harry is doing well. He has not prolapsed since early this morning, which is a good sign. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏼

Harry has only prolapsed once today, and it was minimal. Gave him some oranges to boost his vitamin c (this may help if there’s any gas built up that could be pushing his rectum out).

I called and talked to my vet. He said that if I am able to continue getting Harry’s rectum to go back in, then the best option is probably to keep on going and cross our fingers. If it continues happening the next few days, we have the option of putting him through surgery to put a stitch in. However, the chances of the surgery working are pretty all over the place too. So, I have to hope that he somehow miraculously recovers and stops prolapsing. Otherwise, I might have to make an incredibly hard decision that I don’t want to make. 😭💔

I wanted to post a photo of Harry’s prolapse in case anyone else ever experiences it, so that they know what it looks like.
It’s not easy to look at, so DO NOT swipe if you’re squeamish at all.

Harry has prolapsed twice tonight now. I called my vet, and they said to keep a close watch and keep putting his rectum back in if it comes out. As long as I can keep it moist and it keeps going back in, he said he’ll be fine until Monday, when I will take him to my regular vet. He will most likely need surgery to fix it, which is obviously a huge risk. Please keep us in your prayers. I can’t handle this right now. 💔

Harry prolapsed again tonight. This is the third time. I can’t do anything over the weekend so I’ll keep a close eye and take him to the vet during the week if needed. He is still eating, drinking, and pooping normally and he has not lost any weight. Prayers please. ❤️

Pippa has one more dose of oral antibiotics, and then I will continue soaking her feet and applying antibiotic ointment until they are completely cleared up. ❤️

Pip’s feet are almost entirely healed, and her skin is also staying nice and soft (she and Ruby had skin issues since day 1). She’s gaining weight, and is a lot more active and silly than before. I’m so thankful she’s okay. ❤️

Happy Saturday!! ❤️

Quick video of Pippa taking her antibiotics. I’m so lucky that both pigs that I’ve ever had to give medicine to (Harry and Pippa) are amazingly tame, and if I’m thankful for anything in this whole ordeal, it’s that Pippa is following in Harry’s footsteps of being one of the sweetest little pigs ever. ❤️

So, Harry’s butt fell out. Not even joking. 😑
I am BEYOND ready for this week to be done. On top of normal life stress, I’ve been dealing with treating Pippa, and tonight I picked Harry up only to find that his rectum has prolapsed. 😩 Quick call to the vet and they said to clean it well and try to massage it back in. So, I did. It worked as far as I could tell. I cleaned his cage really well to prevent any sort of infection, and I’ll check up on him again in the morning. Fingers crossed all goes well overnight. 🤞🏼

The Big Jerk himself. Have you all missed him? 🙈

Pippa finished the anti-inflammatory today. Now just to finish off the antibiotics and keep soaking! She is doing WAY better. I have posted pictures for those of you who are curious (sorry to those of you that get grossed out!! 🤢)
Pippa does indeed have bumblefoot, most likely contracted before I even got her. Top picture is one of the first days I started putting antibiotic ointment on them, and bottom is this evening after a round of treatment. As you can tell, the sores have either shrunk significantly or gone away altogether, and her feet are much less red, irritated and puffy.
Thank you all for your kind words, support and advice. Pip has been a rockstar through this whole ordeal and I am so thankful I caught it early enough to treat it. ❤️👏🏼

These little creatures never fail to amaze me. Skinny pigs freak some people out, and they definitely have their quirks, but Harry and Pippa are my two tamest pigs BY FAR. Pippa’s feet have to be soaked for 10 minutes twice a day, and she also gets antibiotic ointment, oral antibiotic and anti-inflammatory twice daily. She is taking it better than I could’ve ever expected. I am so lucky. ❤️

Do your piggies have a “good angle”? This definitely is not Rosie’s...you can barely tell she’s a guinea pig!! 😂🙈🤷🏼‍♀️

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