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Having fun during Cynosure Regional Symposium on Picosure & SculpSure !!! So excited to get my hands on the newest applicator for submental fat killing. And definitely can't wait to get rid of the fat under my chin. #Cynosure #Picosure #SculpSure

A few weeks ago, I visited The Urban Clinic to try out their state of the art technology to improve appearance of skin (Picosure) and body contouring (Sculpsure). .
Picosure targets acne scars, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation and tattoo can be removed safely and painlessly with no downtime. How great is that? And Sculpsure removes stubborn fat with only 1-2 treatments - look at the difference! So happy because those are two areas I really needed help with - recently been getting loads of zits and gaining weight! 😞
The doctor @dryannixu was very meticulous and attentive throughout the treatments. She made everything very comfortable for me! I actually also did some Botox and fillers with her and will show you guys the before and after!
If you need any aesthetic treatments, can try out @theurbanclinic - they are very professional so you know you'll be in good hands. ☺️

✅✅ Aquí uno de los consejos que me pidieron para las manchas después del embarazo ¿Qué es el nuevo laser de manchas?

Se denomina Picosure y es un laser que emite la energía en un periodo de tiempo más corto (picosegundos) que los predecesores. Permite mediante un efecto fotomecánico la destrucción de las manchas de forma selectiva, respetando la piel sana circundante. Permite así tratar las manchas de forma específica a la vez que segura.

La energía es captada por la melanina y su corto pulso permite una destrucción de la misma en un polvo fino que es más rápidamente eliminado por el organismo y que determina los mejores resultados alcanzables con esta nueva tecnología✅✅ @skinmedicalspa
#CaroCruzRecomienda #picosurelaser #picosure #picosurefocus Es el único laser de picosegundos en Colombia. #ElDiarioDeUnaMamá 👪👪

С самыми красивыми и любимыми @radima_vogue @daria_tatler @lenaprobeauty, ну и конечно же талантливый хирург-красавец @chemyanov😍#золотойланцет #косметология #lartclinic #ultherasystem #picosure

This is what we call #PainlessTattooRemoval 😘 So many places have inferior technology and don't even numb patients to save time or something... In everything we do, we try to make it the least uncomfortable yet yield the most results. This is why we numb and use the #Picosure laser. ✌ #FastTattooRemoval
. . .
For more information, visit fasttattooremoval.com

@Regranned from @theaiveeclinic - @iammajasalvador is always updated with the latest beauty treatments #TheNewPico #PicoEnlighten ✌🏻️No wonder she is looking more and more beautiful everyday 👌🏻 #AiveeLeague

Repost: @iammajasalvador tried #PicoSure + #PicoEnlighten today. Thanks @theaiveeclinic 😘 - #regrann

Occasionally a client comes in after 1 treatment and says "I really don't see any difference." We always respond with "Be patient, it's working. Give your immune system some time to clear out the ink we broke up." This is a perfect example where there was only slight fading after 1 treatment but then the fading accelerated. After 5, it's completely gone.
Also, thanks Kelly for sending us the final healed picture! You're awesome!

#makeroomfornicerink #tattooremoval #picosure #quanta

Our next Beauty Book is chock full of information and beautiful client photos. Come grab one at our Holiday open House Dec. 9. 10-2:00! @piperjackpress @crystalisthelastunicorn #picosure


Having fun during Cynosure Regional Symposium on Picosure & SculpSure !!! So excited to get my hands on the newest applicator for submental fat killing. And definitely can't wait to get rid of the fat under my chin. #Cynosure #Picosure #SculpSure

Discover the secret to growing your practice! 👉👉Visit www.patientboost.io <🔗 in bio> and we’ll guide you on how to run your practice like a real business!📈

Remove a dermopigmentation can require a specific procedure: tuto with a picolaser.
#tattoo #dermopigmentation #micropigmentation #eyebrows #laser #tattooremoval #picolaser #picosure #titaniumdioxide #centrelaserclipp

First Picosure in Thailand 😎✨✨✨✨#picosure #Laser #aesthetics #botox #filler #cynosure #skin #health #beauty

Today we hosted the Regional Cynosure Symposium 2017, high profile guest speakers Dr Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha and Dr Woraphong Manuskiatti, covered the science on what makes these two systems unique. - Picosure and SculpSure
We were joined by doctors from all corners of Asia together with so many great partners from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. I also need to point out I work with some amazing colleagues... #cynosure #sculpsure #picosure #hologic #confidenceincynosure @sculpsure

The photo on the ipad mini was the #nevusofota #birthmark of the patient a year ago after 14 sessions of the #qswitchedndyaglaser #revlite. The photo on the #visia #skinanalyzer is his current photo after 10 sessions of the #picosecondlaser #picosure.😀#bestlaserforpigment #oroderm #davao

Achievement of Excellence First Picosure in Thailand 😎✨✨✨✨ #Cynosure #picosure

PicoSure, the world’s first FDA-cleared picosecond aesthetic laser is the answer to all your skin concerns.
PicoSure reduces the appearance of large pores, sun spots, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles - whilst improving overall tone and texture.

PicoSure’s results begin to emerge in days, with most people needing just a few short treatments to see dramatic results.

Repost from @dermaffiliates using @RepostRegramApp - Get rid of those #brownspots, #wrinkles, #unwantedhair and more! Our non-invasive procedures are the gold standard for treating #texture, brown spots, #redness, unwanted hair, and to help #tighten the skin of the #face, #neck, #chest and #arms.

Purchase any cosmetic #lasertreatment before Dec 8th, 2017 and save 15% on your treatment.
Treatment must be paid in full at time of purchase to receive savings and cannot be combined with other offers. Treatment must be completed by March 30th, 2018.

Cosmetic Lasers include: #Fraxel Skin Resurfacing, #IPL Photofacial Rejuvenation, #Vbeam Face,
#Laser Hair Removal, #Picosure #tattoo removal, #picosurefocus , and #Isolaz skin treatments.

Come get your colours removed... Unlike a Q-switch laser the Picosure can target and remove colours just as easy and your black and greys. #picosure #tattooremoval #skinrenewlondon
Up to 30% off when booking courses...

Ask us about how you can save on neck and jaw line treatments this November! Promo ends November 30, 2017!

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