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Cuplikan HIDDEN infield 2016 dalam 30 detik, 5 number closed dari 5 kenalan wanita berbeda. ShowNotTell

Lebih banyak INFIELD?
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Be careful. Ada 2-5 channel youtube fake dengan nama yang sama, dari sejumlah fakers dari komunitas 'cinta', 'romansa' & 'pick up artist' di Indonesia.

Its ok... When players get in the scene. Fakers know theyre in trouble.

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Di Yogyakarta, ada banyak tempat publik yang dikunjungi ratusan wanita SETIAP HARINYA.

Dan dengan jutaan halaman informasi di internet tentang: Tips & Cara Mendekati Wanita.

5 dari 10 teman pria Anda (atau mungkin lebih), tidak memiliki teman wanita untuk diajak pergi KENCAN BERDUA. Kenapa hal itu bisa terjadi?

Bagaimana menurut PENDAPAT ANDA?

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We came out to support Fluxer #AngelaWashko's talk about her amazing work #TheGame : The Game at @movingimagenyc Curated by Fluxer Jason Eppink. @angelawashko #pickupartists #digitalculture #videogames #feminism

It’s that time when the fatigue sets in, will power drains, the borden sets in, and all you want to do is quit because that’s the easy option! It’s then, it’s at that time you need to not only remember the REASON you started but you need to remember the FEELING inside you that accompanies the reason you started!! Hold on to that fire and keep it burning through the hard times!! #neverquit #hardwork #dailymotivation #becomethebest #buildanempire #selfimprovement #selfawareness #selfhelp #selfdevelopment #puainspiration #puamotivation #inspiration #inspiredaily #inspirational #innerstrength #openyourmind #pua #pickupartist #pickupartists

Just finished the #audiobook The Truth: An Uncomfortable Book About Relationships. The #book is long and it is written in many different parts that narrates the story of @neil_strauss from the time that he cheats on his #girlfriend which then compels him to leave her along with #monogamy to explore #polyamory and #open #relationships just to eventually return to monogamy and #marry his girlfriend. The book is written in a similar style to Neil Strauss’s other book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of #PickupArtists, with the exception of repeated flashbacks to his childhood, and contains far more explicit narrations which makes it suitable only for an adult audience. If you have read The Game or alternatively would like to see the other side of #love and #romance experiences by #polyamory and open relationships then you owe it to yourself to give this book a read or a listen!

Who ever said i hate boys??!😅 The more i hate, the more i love... 😂

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I understand I’ve been ruffling some feathers lately with my recent content (clearly you’ve found where I’m most opinionated 😜) so please keep scrolling if you don’t want #straighttalknochaser.

Dating isn’t a “game”. Dating is a skill set.

The amount of people I see complaining about not wanting to play games is astounding.

Let me just ask you this... would you get on the basketball court never having dribbled a ball in your life and expect to win a championship? No. In fact you probably wouldn’t even win a game because not only would dribbling be hard, but you’d probably be terrible at shooting, passing, reading your opponents, etc.

So why do we look at dating any differently? As if just because you’re horny means you know how to build attraction.

Sure, for some people, dating comes naturally... they’re good with people, have charm and charisma, etc... but for others of us, dating is like a foreign language that we expect to be able to know without practicing.

And when we get turned down, we have all these external reasons to blame “the game” so we don’t need to look at our own roles.

Really, this “game” is just a set of skills that can set you up for success because when it comes to building attraction, so much of it has to do with our subconscious.

Do you have to learn the skills to be successful? No. It will probably just take you longer to get where you want to be.

My suggestion (surprise, surprise), learn the basics of building attraction, point the finger back to yourself instead of other people or society at large, and if you’re struggling with meeting people, start changing how you date, hire a coach, read a book, etc. Different actions = different results.

PC: @heidigress

This weekend I went to Vegas to spend the night with a group of men attending a pick up artist bootcamp. I got to be both their wing-woman (always my favorite) and a fly on the wall.

If you’re not familiar with pick up, it’s a set of skills that is used to build attraction, seduction, and comfort with women.

Could this be seen as manipulation? Sure, but so could sales of any kind (and if you think dating is any different than sales, please dear lord take a deeper look).

My thought is when your intentions are good, who cares what skills you choose to use.

I digress... I know I’ve been harping on this a lot lately, but dating is a set of skills. For some, those skills come naturally, and there doesn’t need to be as much intention that goes into what to wear, how to act, what to say... but for others, the art of pick up is a skill set that seduces and builds attraction and at the very least gets them in the door when they otherwise may not stand a chance.

Along with a ton of other skills, I teach pick up to men. And guess what? They see results. Sometimes that comes in the form of taking a woman home (and for the record, please don’t go to the “poor woman” conversation... women want to get it in just as much as anyone), other times it just gives them a confidence boost or a swift kick in the ass.

One of my favorite things from this weekend was interviewing the bootcamp coach who said “the goal is to always leave the women in a better place than you found them in”.

Nothing kills me more than hearing people complain about dating and then do nothing about it.

When done well (and not with shitty intentions) pick up can be a super effective tool that more men could stand to give a chance.

Becoming an #expert in any field takes a lot of #time and a lot of #sacrifices. Each #master has to have the #emotionalintelligence to fail again and again until he or she succeeds. There are many so called gurus out there who offer #business advices who have never run an actual business other than just offering online trainings and do not understand the ins and outs and the ups and downs of running a business with #clients from all walks of life, there are many so called #pickupartists who give you relationship advice when they have dated only a very small number of #women who happened to be available to them instead of having extensive #infield experience with a variety of partners from different backgrounds and in different situations, there are many so called #psychologists who give you advice to be #happy when they themselves take antidepressants, there are many so called #financial experts who show you photos of luxury cars (a #liability that drops in value over time) instead of photos of #certificatesofdeposits, #stocks, or #realestateinvestment (#assets that grow in value over time), and of course there are #fitness gurus who take steroids and harm their bodies to get super big at the cost of their health! Before accepting someone’s advice first try to find out about their #success record and see whether they have the kind of #results that you want and more importantly have reached #mastery in their field through extensive experience!

This #wild #crazy #beautiful #industry of ours is run the #world over by #heart ❤️ well before it becomes about #money 💵 A #film I did years ago loosely based on the #book ‘The Game’ about the #subculture of #pickupartists sits on #youtube at 2.7 #million #views 🎬 Imagine if I got #1dollar for every #download 🎥 #hahaha 😜🤣😳 #independent #cinema #australia @martindinglewall #actor #actor_jg

What is the corniest pick up line ever used on you? 😂 #pickuplines #pickupartist #pickupartists #deni4days

Do you guys act like this when you get rejected?
Good then comment below.

Today I went and day-gamed at the galleria. I was too reliant on my wing coming to day-game it with me, that I wasn’t doing as well as normal.

So much so where I was actually getting a bit emotional after rejection :|

It’s lame I know haha, but I’ll fix it.

By the way do you get rejected too?
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Actually it’s late at night again as I finished editing this, I’ve experimenting hardcore with my videos lately.

So much appreciation if you
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When you get played or hurt, you have the choice to play and hurt others back because you fear they might play or hurt you so you'd rather play and hurt them first.
Or you have the choice to forgive and move the f**k on and break the cycle of playing and hurting and do this world, others and yourself good, and treat others and live your life from a place of #Understanding #Forgiveness #Acceptance #Kindness #Love #Trust and #Responsibility.

When we choose the former, the next person we will meet could be someone who will add real value to our lives and we would have wasted that opportunity to share our lives with someone in a magical way.
When we courageously choose the latter, we still risk getting hurt and played but we also have the opportunity to actually be completely our flawed selves with someone and still be #LOVED. ♥️♥️♥️ AmandaColing.com
Snapchat : AmandaColing
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