Letting my nerd flag fly today- rocketship dress + Picardigan.
It was a tough morning getting the kids ready & getting out the door to work, so I cheer myself up with a fun outfit.
#lularoejulia #picardigan #nerdmom

#tbt to last Sunday's @startreknetflix event for @startrekcbs. It was a great opportunity to explore the props, watch an exclusive new preview episode, meet the cast of Discovery and ask an important question about LGBTQ representation and diversity in Star Trek and what it meant for me growing up gay and geeky πŸ€“. Thank you to @johnpeterarcher for being my number 1 for the day while I got to rock the #picardigan (any excuse). Thank you @netflixuk I'm always happy to go to future events πŸ˜‰ #startrek #discovery #netflix #captainonthebridge #shutupwesley #livelongandprosper πŸ–– #instagay #geek #warp1 #engage #aaronharberts @therealsonequa @therealjasonisaacs @shazad @erikalippoldt

New hair, who dis? I'm loving this lavender galactic hair that was definitely a happy accident. I'm also sporting my #picardigan today because it's finally sweater weather here in LA! Video coming soon to my channel showing how to do all sorts of hairstyles with these @vpfashion clip-in extensions, including this jumbo French braid πŸ’– #hair #colored hair #purplehair #pastelhair #spacebabe #braid #hairstyle

The #picardigan strikes again! #startrek #halloween #pleaseeatourcandy πŸ‘»πŸπŸŽƒ

When geeks get married... #startrek #picardigan

When @xianmemento and I got married in May, I sang this song to him from the balcony as our bridal party walked down the aisle. It was awesome to join my step-dad @ellishallmusic (he accompanied me on it at the wedding) at the celebration of his 50th year in the music industry and sing a song that means so much. #hammondsk2

Quiet Friday at the library means I get to nerd out with my #Picardigan from @heruniverse 😊 Whether it'll give me motivation to "make it so" remains to be seen πŸ˜‰ #startrek #startrektng #picard

Also checked out the #StarTrek exhibit - filled with memorabilia including a very fancy #picardigan and props from different movies and shows. You can even practice your #khaaaaaaaan scream! #mopop #seattle

Best mail day ever!! My #picardigan arrived today! #nerdmom πŸ–– πŸ€“

Good skin day + no foundation + perfect sunlight + no filter or edits = I'm feelin myself! πŸ˜‰ #imfeelinmyselfie #healthyskin #estheticianlife #picardigan #365feministselfie

Geeky selfie with the hubby! He's wearing Finn's jacket from Star Wars and I'm wearing my Picardigan from TNG 😍😍😍 #geekcouple #finnjacket #picardigan #heruniverse

A proper bathroom selfie of me and my new #Picardigan by @heruniverse.
Yup. It's awesome.

How cute is this @startrek outfit??? Plus it's 30% off right now during our semi-annual sale! #startrek #picardigan

Welcome Friends! I’m so thankful you found me on this little pocket of the world, and I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself!
I’m Brooke, the brainchild behind this business. I officially opened Brooke Olsen Consulting last year, and have been working with wonderful wedding professionals looking to craft & refine an authentic experience for their couples!
Here are some random fun facts about me, but I would prefer to hear more about you!! β€’

1. I’m based in Jacksonville, Florida but I am a mountains girl at heart! Almost every vacation has @_mattolsen & I traveling North or West to escape the city, and go hiking in National Parks or stare at dreamy sunsets.
2. I love cookies - I could eat them everyday, and I used to get a cookie cake for every birthday. The Great American Cookie store made my favorite cake of all time!
3. I love sci-fi shows & movies. But, if I had to pick a favorite series then I’m all for #startrek The Next Generation with #patrickstewart as captain! True story - I bought my sister a #picardigan for Christmas.
Say hi in the comments, and let me know your favorite dessert! I’ve got a sweet tooth today, and am itching to bake a tasty treat!
Photo by @laurafoote
Makeup by @kimtashamakeup
Hair by @hairbybrookeofjax

Best Christmas Present Ever!!! #picardigan #captainpicardigan

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