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Il motto della Contrada (Fiede et risana al par l'arma c'ho in fronte) si riferisce all'antica credenza secondo la quale il corno dell'unicorno fosse una panacea.
Ci sono interpretazioni che riferiscono questa leggenda al corno dei narvali, una specie di cetacei. Nel museo della contrada è effettivamente conservato un autentico corno di narvalo 😲

Grazie a @giadarmatore per aver condiviso con noi la sua foto ❤️ •
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Usa il nostro #sienabestphoto 👍
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✨🇮🇹 #Siena - #PiazzaDelCampo ✨🇮🇹
Photo by: @paolobalsamo89

Hello, Everyone! I am taking over this week for the UofT Abroad: Italy program. There is so much to show and tell but I will try to encompass everything in these few posts. Feel free to follow me @elamir3mmar and check out my story for more as we go!

Our host in Italy is the University of Siena. Siena itself is the located in the in the center of Italy in the Tuscany region. Italy, of course, is a global hub of history, culture, art, fine dining, and fashion. Siena is a convenient location to stay abroad as it is a small, student friendly town. It is ideal to explore and easily find sites to marvel and great food to devour. More about the culture of Siena to come (Palio). I hope you enjoy this brief journey through Italy with me! - Ammar

1: The “Piazza del Campo” is the central square of the city, its main building (in the picture) is “Palazzo Pubblico” - a medieval Republican Government Building.
2: The Tuscan Hills - that’s the view from our residence room! :) 3: The University Gate - our first day of class.

4: The on site assistants organized a “Survival Italian” crash course for us.

5: They also took us on a walking tour of Siena on the first day.
6: The Gem of the City: “Duomo di Siena” (The Siena Cathedral). Every city in Italy has a central Cathedral (Duomo in Italian). Although Siena is a relatively small city, its Duomo is nothing short of spectacular. Since we are living in the city, we get to experience the Duomo in ways no regular tourist can. Come here in the late evening after the tourists leave, with a Biscotto flavored Gelato and just soak in the majesty! Insider Tip: After midnight, they dim the lights on the main facade which makes the experience more surreal.
#Siena #Duomo #PiazzaDelCampo #Tuscany

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Such an awesome first day of our Tuscan adventure exploring Siena! 😍🇮🇹☀️#italy #tuscany #holiday #adventures #piazzadelcampo #duomo #medieval #roadtrip

Siena ! Increíble coincidencia que fuese la prueba del Palio ese mismo día 😱🐎🐎. #siena #palio# paliodisiena #piazzadelcampo #toscana #tuscany


The thing about Italy is that despite the scorching 3pm heat, the greenery remains lush and the water surges 🌿🍃💧🍇

This beautiful piazza where they film the wonderful horse racing scene in Quantum of Solace. Why wouldn't you, it's so pretty!!! #filmlocations #quantumofsolace #jamesbond #italy #siena #piazzadelcampo

Piazza del Campo
#lovelysiena #piazzadelcampo #italy #lovethiscity ♥️🇮🇹

Я обожаю моего папу, с ним утром ещё не знаешь, где окажешься днём! Сегодня ему пришла идея пообедать в Сиене. Ну, а всей моей семье лишь бы не сидеть на месте, поэтому уже через 2 часа мы гуляли по самому колоритному средневековому городу Италии👌🏼 В Сиену мы заезжаем каждый август вот уже 13 лет, все улицы уже знакомы, а рестораны тем более... Какие нежные чувства я бы не испытывала к Сиене, этот пост будет о популярном Сиенском ресторанчике "L'a taverna di San Giuseppe", находящемся в контраде "Дельфин", в котором каждый год мы получаем гастрономический экстаз!!! Если вы любитель трюфеля, то вам в этом месте и обедать, и ужинать😉 Отдельно отмечу пирожки из слоеного теста со шпинатом и трюфелем, (это визитная карточка ресторана)❤️ , потрясающие белые грибы и мясо!!!
В следующем году мы снова устроим путешествие "на обед" в наш любимый ресторан!!! 🍷🌅🐬 #summer #siena #latavernadisangiuseppe #trip #family #italy #toscana #vscorussia #vscomoscow #piazzadelcampo

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