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Italy farmers fight contamination with cannabis plant
TARANTO, Italy -- Farmers in a region of Italy once known for cheeses have turned to cultivating a type of cannabis -- not to smoke or sell -- but to decontaminate polluted soil. ❓So If cannabis is so good at phytoremediation, then aren't organic solutions the only answer❓#phytoremediation #cannabis #cha

When I was college student. I learned about phytoremediation. What is phytoremediation? From UNEP: Phytoremediation (‘phyto’ means plant) is a generic term for the group of technologies that use plants for remediating soils, sludges, sediments and water contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants.
And sun flower is one of best plants for phytoremediation. :D

Can't wait for the sun to show up in force, it's been a long winter, time for a solar powerup!!! 🤗🌠🌞 Don't use synthetic chemical-based sunscreen, that shit gives you cancer! 👀💯 Bacteria in our skin use the Sun's rays to help us convert minerals (wtf are #vitamins😉🤔?? )from our food, into our finest life essence. ✴⚛💎 Feed the beneficial microorganisms in your skin organic, raw coconut oil or seed oils that will enrich your skin, applying healthy oils to the body can massively increase production of neurotransmitters in our skin like serotonin and dopamine. If you're as white as me ease yourself into it but know that the light holds magic!!! 👻😹🙈😇 P.s. Excuse my ummms, I'm a bit camera shy😅. #Google #PhotoRegeneration #PhotoRejuvenation #PhytoRemediation

"I girasoli di Chernobyl", piantati dopo l’incidente nella centrale nucleare del 1986, per rimuovere la radioattività dalle falde acquifere.


From the Sweeping the Fields series for @foragercollective as part of my submission called The Dark Domain for the current issue of this Bangalore based e-publication. Thanks @deepabhasthi #postplantationlife #phytoremediation #healing #wildplants #passage

what every hallway and city street should look like considering the sansevieria is a badass air-filtering dynamo; scrubbing our living spaces of some of the most toxic and rampant airborne contaminants on earth. also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law's tongue, this ally is shade tolerant and sports extremely low water needs. hardworking, sexy, and low maintenance...oh and they release oxygen at night which means this bedroom buddy won't quit even when you do 😉 // #sansevieria #phytoremediation #plantallies

Amsterdam's awesome @cafe_de_ceuvel : a recycle boat-scape creative business space built on an old shipping yard, using the old abandoned canal-boats as offices, studios & co-working spaces. They're using everything from #phytoremediation to soak up old contaminants in the soil to dry composting toilets for saving water. Not to mention the renovated houseboats make the place feel like some kind of pirate's playground! It's their 3rd birthday this weekend and they're celebrating with music, workshops & homemade kombucha.
#Amsterdam #GreenBusiness #ILoveHipsters


Check out these ferments I made from some woody creek rye silliage. And the 6000 gallon tank I'm going to ferment in. Can you say that's a lot if probiotics. Oh and woody creek rye whiskey is on point very complex and a tad spicy but uber smooth
#probiotics #probioticasfuck #teraganix #woodycreekdistillers #coloradolife #coloradoproud #allamericanhemp #americanhempcorp #biodynamic #bioremediation #mycoremediation #phytoremediation #probiotichemp #beyondorganic #organicfarming

Say hello to our baby poplar trees at this former-factory-site-turned-urban-tree-farm in #GaryIndiana. We're partnering with Fresh Coast Capital on this project which will clean up contamination, absorb stormwater, and beautify this parcel of land. 🌱#phytoremediation #vacantlot #reuse #deltagreatlakes

"I girasoli di Chernobyl", piantati dopo l’incidente nella centrale nucleare del 1986, per rimuovere la radioattività dalle falde acquifere.


Planted a field of hemplings on the land today & feeling that magical quality of freedom about it. When we give up our rights to plant one seed, we give up our rights to plant all seeds. The first page of the Bible declares TWICE our right to every herb bearing seed-- and what government has the jurisdiction to infringe on the relationship between plants and human animals? In truth we belong to each other-- and those who say otherwise are full of silly nonsense. Welcome home green children 🏡✨🙏🌱 #HEMP #Vermonthemp #phytoremediation #monoterpenes #healthEearth #smartthingspeopleshoulddoagain

My undergraduate thesis #Phytoremediation #CURO #UGA

@Regrann from @hemp_farmers - #Repost from your homeboy, @hemp_farmers (@get_repost) 😁.
"We go extremely hard for hemp. Nothing to loose, everything to gain, stay focused."
Phytoremediation Research Using Hemp Has Begun.

Phyto-remediation is the direct use of green plants and their associated microorganisms to stabilize or reduce contamination in soils, sludges, sediments, surface water, or ground water. First tested actively at waste sites in the early 1990s, phytoremediation has been tested at more than 200 sites nationwide. Because it is a natural process, phytoremediation can be an effective remediation method at a variety of sites and on numerous contaminants. However, sites with low concentrations of contaminants over large cleanup areas and at shallow depths present especially favorable conditions for phytoremediation. Plant species are selected for use based on factors such as ability to extract or degrade the contaminants of concern, adaptation to local climates, high biomass, depth root structure, compatibility with soils, growth rate, ease of planting and maintenance, and ability to take up large quantities of water through the roots.

To see how hemp measures up go here:

http://www.hempcleans.com/hc_wp/?p=870 (hyperlink on our home page). #HempFarmers #HempHistoryWeek2017 #Phytoremediation #protech #hemp #cannabis #cleansoil #balanced #lowersradiation #roots #lowerstoxicsoilconcentrations #Gaia - #regrann

Back in the shop fabricating some plant boxes! #fabrication #digitalfabrication #digifab #plants #phytoremediation #indoorairquality

Universities and institutions of higher education, this 501c3 non profit can help setup and fund #cannabis Research

#DoSomething #hempManufacturing #research #R&;D #Cannabissativa #phytoremediation

#seeds #naturalgrocers #johnsonsgardencentersI search for rare or heirloom for #biodiversity #urbangardening Its not quite time for Fall sowing but I try to keep things growing year round for #freshfood You can order weird plants online. I like to find lists of endangered species. My area is great for certain types of woodland orchids. Since I have a #greenhouse and can do tissue culture; really thinking about propagating lady slippers. #phytoremediation I have a seed hoarding problem.

The growing process has begun! #plants #phytoremediation #indoorairquality #aeroponics

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