Slow Style. Only respect for Catherine for sensibly repeating this dress in an era of fast fashion and resembling my favourite elderflower cordial @belvoirfruitfarms @kensingtonroyal #royalwedding #dresssense #elderflower #meme #fastfashion #slowstyle

Who's a shining star in your life whom you haven't had or made the time to sit down and truly listen to lately? I've got a long list! Comment on this post to tag a friend (or several) you'd love to catch up with and we'll give you a FREE punch on your #phyteclub salad card at the @cvillecitymarkets tomorrow (5/19 until 12pm). And if one of those friends comes with you, they'll get an extra one on their own card!
Don't have a PHYTE CLUB salad loyalty card yet? No sweat. We've got plenty for you and your friends!

Happy Mother’s Day! How are you making it special for moms you know? #mothersday #workproduct #glutenfree #bananabread #tulips #apricots #alexa

A store window to match perfect weather @shopsuncollective

A little salad tease for #farmersinthepark this Wednesday. We've got a lot more spring scrumptiousness up our sleeves, but if you want the whole scoop, subscribe to the #phyteclub email list from our web site. In the meantime, thanks to @radicalrootsfarmva @localfoodhub @twentypaces @twinoakstofu and, of course, @animashaker for chopping the beets while I sit on my ass and post to instagram.

Our first customer of the day....again! Mingi here is already two salads in towards a free one! Get your #phyteclub card today and start superfooding your way to a free bowl! We're here until noon! And thanks to @radicalrootsfarmva for harvesting our fresh organic arugula and salad mix yesterday so we could pick it up early this morning! #saladforbreakfast

Prime salad weather here in the park! Check out our #cincodesalad today until 7pm! Five fresh local veggies, goji berries, cilantro lime dressing, garlic protons (grain free protein croutons) with your choice of spicy organic black beans, pulled local organic chicken, and aged goat cheese. #phyteclub #saladtogo
@cvillecitymarkets @caromontfarm @shenandoahvalleyorganic @localfoodhub @doublehfarm @radicalrootsfarmva @animashaker

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