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Top top favourite pinkspiration - Henry Leutwyler’s ballet feet en pointe. When you love your job - pain has a beauty no pleasure can approximate 🤔 #phyteclub #roseallday #lovemyjob #lavieenrose #girlboss

This dog wanted to juggle but settled for balance 🤣#phyteclub #activebeauty #greenbeauty #spiritanimal

Love tea? Learn more of its skin benefits in blog ☕️#tea #skin #beauty #phyteclub #greenbeauty

Goals. Mood. Tude. #phyteclub #spiritanimal #squadgoals

Happy Dogwali! Thanks @bulbulyon for bringing this glorious Nepalese celebration to my attention - Kurkur Tihar! Soon to be worshipped Dog Rep @ledapuppy 🤣 #phyteclub #dogrep #dogwali #diwali #dogstagram

Doing Living marketplace Beauty Co-Op in Progress #phyteclub #apothecary #greenbeauty #sweatinstyle #bebold

A small hint of things to come - a basketball 🏀 in total equilibrium in a water-filled tank. Jeff Koons worked on this with Richard Feynman 😍 #phyteclub #inspiration #art #feynman #jeffkoons


German botanical drawing of white sandalwood from 1804! A sandalwood tree takes 30 years to develop heartwood and has a long natural life so if this illustration were from real life and that tree were alive now think of the grand shade 👌🏼🍃#treehugger #foresttoface #sandalwood #endangered

When your work playlist is at odds with your work 🙄Can’t a sister throw down without being low down🤭#Work #playlist #hiphop Reposting @whothafuckisalice

A bird’s eye view of a lush forest or fine-grained view of wonderfully fractal Romanesco broccoli 🤔both great for the skin - Phyte Club - forest-friendly skincare and antioxidant-rich green vegetables!

My favourite image of our products chilling with @scandicbotanica ‘s pretty scrubs. Find us both @suncollectivenyc

Boldness comes in many forms but our favourite is resourcefulness. We started Phyte Club when floods ravaged our city and we noticed the only things to survive the deluge were sandalwood logs. The naturally antimicrobial nature would never have had so vivid a revelation and we are so happy to share Runpowder and the gang with you 🙏🏻

So jazzed to be alongside our soul sister @wholeclarity - hi Connie @suncollectivenyc - Thank you Annie!

Komorebi shopping bags and cards - made with forest friendly paper - so your gift 🎁 is attractive and responsible 🙏🏻 Thanks Annie @suncollectivenyc for letting us dream on.

A clean beauty gift 🎁 Gleesome Threesome chilling @suncollectivenyc thank you Annie Rocchio 🙏🏻

Avartana is an Ayurvedic technique to boost Phytonutrients in a formulation. We think about this a lot when making new Phyte Club products and so jazzed to find a vegan-friendly Madras restaurant with a similar worldview. @itchotels

With each purchase of Phyte Club you will be supporting sandalwood cultivation in Pondicherry - East Indian Sandalwood is a hemiparasite and here you see a young white sandalwood tree alongside a red sandalwood host plant. That it even grows in the wild is a miracle and widely poached but cultivating these trees that will take 30 years to develop heartwood is to protect a treasure for the future. Link in Bio.

I like to keep myself as busy as the next girl but have often wondered why after work it’s so exhilarating to go work out? Hard work feels good and especially if it’s totally different. Photo credit @jenthomasfitness at my happy place.

Totally counts. Phyte Club’s Runpowder- like running in the forest. Pure sandalwood. Forest to Face. @newyorkermag

Everyday new information on familiar foods - the latest - allergies are linked to refined sugar consumption during pregnancy 🤰🏻 🤷🏻‍♀️Still sugar so not skin- friendly - link in Bio.

Your new sandalwood fix - Runprimer - a tinted priming gel that is lightweight and water-free and creates a velvety blemish-blurring finish with a hint of sheer, natural-looking color. In three shades to suit all skin tones. Price $38.

Less mysterious because of the last Prime post but this notation of prime numbers shows that a mathematical education is a gift 🎁 that keeps on giving 🤣 did you know 2 is the only even prime number? A prime number is a number that only be divided without a remainder by itself and 1. Unique little beasts they underpin how our messages are encrypted in everyday life. 2 large prime numbers are multiplied and as normal computers take simply ages to factorize the integer into prime factors making it a powerful security measure. #funfact #nerd

Here’s a little hint of things to come. So jazzed when I see this on Amazon - my heart ❤️ flutters. Which begs the question- would you like to find Phyte Club products on Amazon 🤔

Congratulations to #shalaneflanagan for winning the NYC marathon today. First American woman to win since 1977. The moment an Icon is recognized.🙌🏼

Follow the adventures of Wiley official shop dog @suncollectivenyc 🤣

Sad you missed the opening party 🎉 Don’t fret - open 11-7 today and here are the hours of Sun Collective. 16 Clinton Street (between E Houston and Stanton)

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