This weekend at the Diamond Cup held in Luxembourg, I was placed 4th out of 9 in the bodybuilding - 75kg division. Regardless the very strong line up, I think my shape definitely deserved a top 3. However, I suffered a lot from muscle spasms, specifically in my quads/hams and glutes. Consequently, it took its toll on me and affected my posing.

Without a doubt, that costed me some points. So yeah, small summery of this weekend.
Nevertheless my coach and I are very happy with the conditioning I brought at my first international show. So today, I will enjoy some food and get back tomorrow on the daily grind!

Hard work always pays off eventually. Everything you do, is for your future, so don't give up. It's a learning process. Be motivated, be perseverant, be patient, do the sacrifices and do the work. Know where you came from and know where you are going to.
In the end it will be all worth it

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Stay shredded my friends. Train to dominate yourself, not the others around you. Conquer your weaknesses and you will reach outstanding goals.
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