We are all different and respond better to different treatments! @neuroorthobasedapproach with @get_repost
Living with 30+ years of pain has taught me:
1.) Any school of thought or model has its limitations and cannot be 💯 right for every patient!
2.) People living with chronic/persistent pain may or may not show central sensitization.
3.) Even though all treatments were either based on outdated or latest evidence, they did not help me. Despite that, all clinicians should still stay up to date with evidence to provide the highest quality of care. ▫️
4.) It took 35 years and a number of treatments by well intentioned and convincing therapists to help me get my life back.
Hope you learned something today 🤗 I think rehab outcomes and quality of life will improve and reduce burden on our healthcare 💰 if therapists would check their own bias. For example, don't 🚫 considering why a patient is either not making a progress 📈 or perhaps getting worse 📉. Stay #skeptical and #curious 🤔. Essentially, don’t let every clinical scenario fit your own paradigm. If so, you’ll end up ignoring physical exams and clinical reasoning, or fail to consider other systems and pathology in favor of fashionable trends.

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Story inspired by 📗: Taylor and Kerry (2017). When Chronic Pain Is Not “Chronic Pain”: Lessons From 3 Decades of Pain.

<<Jogging in kyBoot shoes>> Jogging is a form of endurance training that increases physical stamina & the efficiency of your body. It also strengthens the cardiovascular system! 🤕 High demands on the body
Jogging puts a tremendous physical strain on your body & this takes some time to get used to. 🤕 Jogging in normal running shoes on hard surfaces can damage tendons, ligaments & joints due to overstraining. ✅ kyBoot shoes can successfully counteract this. ✅ kyBoot shoes are perfectly suited for running thanks to their soft, bouncy air-cushion soles!

#Repost @pneumostudents (@get_repost)
Durante o exame físico do tórax, a observação atenta do paciente pode revelar a presença de alterações do padrão do ritmo respiratório. Dentre eles, temos:

Respiração de Biot - A respiração apresenta-se em duas fases, a primeira a apnéia, seguida de movimentos inspiratórios e expiratórios anárquicos quanto ao ritmo e amplitude; Quase sempre este tipo de respiração indica grave comprometimento cerebral; Causas mais frequentes: depressão respiratória, lesão bulbar, meningite, neoplasias.

Respiração de Cheyne-Stokes - Caracteriza-se por uma fase de apnéia seguida de incursões respiratórias cada vez mais profundas até atingir um máximo, para depois vir decrescendo até a n pausa; Causas mais frequentes: Insuficiência Cardíaca, Hipertensão intracraniana, Acidente Vascular Cerebral e traumatimo cranioencefálicos. * Crianças e idosos podem apresentar esse padrão durante o sono normalmente

Respiração de Kussmaul - Compõem-se de 4 fases: I) Inspirações ruidosas, II) Apnéia em inspirações, III) Expiração ruidosa e IV) Apnéia em expiração; - A acidose, principalmente a diabética, é a sua principal causa.

Respiração Suspirosa - O paciente executa uma série de movimentos inspiratórios de amplitude crescente de expiração.

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***Closed Kinetic Chain Shoulder Girdle Stability***** Knowing the two biggest players for scapular dyskinesis are lower trap and serratus anterior, this makes us consider the upper trapezius as well as they work together to upwardly rotate the scapula. With baseball pitchers, we see a decline in this, which, is unfortunately needed for clean overhead mobility.
Note how this exercise is focusing on not only closed chain proprioception of the shoulder by using the serratus anterior and other stabilizers, but also forcing some stability training for the lumbar spine to prevent extension. Lets use these drills for homework and apply it to the throwing mechanics to drive home improved patterns for increased efficiency on the mound! Note how weak he is in stability on his throwing (R) arm. This is a 90+ mph thrower! Thanks @thuff101!

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Hate open book exam.... I look too much more depth and get those wrong😱😱😱 #olympic #physiotherapy #sportsphysicaltherapy

FINALS SZN. Zero Dark 75-80 Mode commence. (some classes we need a 75 to pass exams and some we need an 80). ————————————————————————
With finals next week it is time to go dark on social media just like Lebron James. (And like Lebron, that will still mean posting on social media if I feel like it.) But otherwise, I’m going COMPLETELY DARK on social media. No posts. Just every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears available in my body going towards studying for finals to at least pass and not have to re-take any tests. The time is NOW. Always Believe. Survive and advance... —————————————————————————
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🇺🇸Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain that occurs when the strong band of tissue that supports the arch of your foot from the heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia), becomes irritated and inflamed.
The plantar fascia absorbs all the work and weight we place on our feet, reason sometimes, too much pressure tears the tissues causing inflammation, heel pain and stiffness.
There is nothing worse than trying to function with heel and foot pain, reason I want to show you a simple exercise routine to help this pain go away. .
🇪🇸La fascitis plantar es una de las causas más comunes de dolor en el talón que ocurre cuando la banda de tejido conectivo que sostiene el arco del pie desde el talón hasta los dedos de los pies (fascia plantar) se irrita e inflama.

La fascia plantar absorbe todo el trabajo y el peso que ponemos en nuestros pies, por lo que a veces, demasiada presión desgarra los tejidos y causa inflamación, dolor en el talón y rigidez.

No hay nada peor que tratar de funcionar con dolor en la planta del pie, razón por la cual te mostraré una rutina de ejercicios para ayudar a que este dolor desaparezca. .
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“_________ is/are bad for your knees.” Insert: Squatting. Running. Walking. Jumping. Leg extensions. Sissy squats. We’ve heard it all over the years and the idea that a certain movement or exercise is inherently bad for a body part continues to permeate the rehab and fitness worlds.
If I load up my squat with 500 pounds and my back suddenly hurts, am I going to blame the exercise or the fact that I’ve never come close to putting that much weight on my back? If I run 10 miles and my knees start to ache, is running the issue or perhaps that I don’t ever run? Preparation is important. Gradual progression is important. Time is important. The body is highly resilient and can adapt to most stresses placed upon it when exposed to them appropriately.
The original intention of the post was to discuss how important the quads are for knee rehab. The glutes have received a lot of attention in recent years, and for good reason, but the quads are now often overlooked. However, I can’t stress enough how important their strength is for total knee replacements, patellofemoral pain, patellar tendinopathy, quad tendinopathy, quad strains, ACL reconstruction, and the list goes on.
If your knee hurts during an exercise, what might be a few possible reasons? I’d love to hear people share in the comments. By the way, it doesn’t just have to be physical!

On Monday, we shared a post about Joel Hetariki, who came into the clinic for rehabilitation help with his quads and lower limbs. He has taken up boxing and is taking part in the Talent Army IT Heavy Hitters charity fight night on the 5th of May to raise money and awareness for suicide prevention. You can donate here: https://givealittle.co.nz/fundraiser/ithh-fundraiser-for-suicide-prevention

Boxing is a sport that can offer numerous health and strength benefits. It works to build muscle tone, boosts cardiovascular fitness and improves hand-eye coordination.

If you’re a boxer yourself and are looking for some physiotherapy advice to improve your movement like Joel, book and appointment at Te Aro Physiotherapy and we will see what we can do to help. .
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Dia de avaliação com os atlestas recém chegados no @vilanovafc para disputar o campeonato Brasileiro série B. Muito agradecido pelo convite meu parceiro @fto.danilolima tamo junto, obrigado pelo presente. #physiotherapy #fisioterapia #fisioterapiaesportiva #goldenfisio

If you have been following me for a The last little while you know I am one to not fear rounding of the back even under relative loads
My approach to this is: if you go into a “bad” position but you can control it and have built up tolerance through it with exposure and building strength in that position then I don’t see a concern. Again under relative load
The first part of the video 🎥 shows a bear 🐻 crawl hold with low back flexion and extension. This is simply working on spinal control while under tension
The second is an application of this. I did this with a 50lb dumbbell as I do not feel I would have had the same control with say a 100lb dumbbell
This is what we call “butt wink”. Rounding of the low back in the bottom of the squat
I believe that building strength under lower loads in these positions is great for a few reasons:
-Builds up control for motion under load
-build tolerance and strength in those end range positions
-be bad ass 😎
Some may say this is dangerous. I would ask if a bodyweight squat and wink is ok then why not gradually load it?
Recent research is starting to show that the discs can adapt
Order of adaptation:
1️⃣nervous system
4️⃣ligaments/bone/discs etc
I’ve had stress fractures in the past, they take a while to heal for that above reason as opposed to a muscle strain. I’ve also had disc herniation, again they take time to heal so they will also take time to adapt
So we are starting to see that discs can adapt, it just takes time and patient
Be strong and be resilient and explore all positions... yes even under load
Know your limits, and keep pushing them
@journeytoexcel @liveactivesm
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Fotos de algunos de nuestros pacientes en medio de su sesión.
Tenemos Re inserción del tendón rotuliano ,Condromalacia rotuliana , Re rotura de LCA, Tendinosis tendón de Aquiles y Luxo fractura de codo. Estos fueron algunos diagnósticos de este inicio de semana. No olvidar que nuestro enfoque es la rehabilitación en base a técnicas de pilates.
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Drew and I have put together a transformation program made towards fat loss over the course of 6 weeks.
The program will consists of
• 4 in class sessions inside SWAT Port Credit
• 2 @home workouts
• 3 Phases
• Personalized Meal Plan guidelines
• 24Hrs contact with either Drew or Jeff
$550 (plus HST) for the full program.
Spots are limited for this program (10 available)
So go on a register
by phone or email
💻 reception@swathealth.com
☎️ 289 297-SWAT
🆓 Prizes for all participants

🤔Aproveitando uma discussão recentíssima (e belíssima) sobre ventosaterapia no @fisiobaseadoemevidencias , não posso deixar de postar essa revisão sistemática que acabou de sair do forno😱
📌Foram achados 513 artigos sobre o tema. ➡️ Após a exclusão restaram 8 artigos selecionados de forma qualitativa e quantitativa❗️ (Pouco né? Pra gente ver como apenas ler conclusão de artigo não serve pra nada) 📌Desses 8 artigos o risco de viés foi considerado alto em 5🙄
📌Mesmo nos estudos em que houve melhora significativa da dor, os resultados não atingiram importância clínica. 🙌Concorda ou não concorda? Marque seus colegas e deixe sua opinião aqui😬😬 ⬇️
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Anorgasmia é a impossibilidade de alcançar o orgasmo, apesar de receber uma estimulação prévia e sentir desejo e excitação durante a relação sexual.Suas causas principais têm a ver com fatores psicológicos, ainda que uma mínima parte ocorra por lesões na região genital e maus hábitos de vida.Apesar de alguns terem catalogado a anorgasmia como uma doença, na realidade é uma alteração funcional que pode ser superada com algumas práticas saudáveis e a ajuda de um especialista em fisioterapia pélvica! Portanto entre em contato com nossa equipe. #urolifeintima #anorgasmiafemenina
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