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I do try to embrace and love my curly hair, I really do. I even think I have come a long way towards genuinely liking my wild mane but I have to say I just feel a tiny bit more confident when my hair is straightened. I can head into my day feeling a little more put together when I take the time to tame the locks. I can even do a photo shoot with my daughter and be semi-okay with her taking dozens of pictures. (I am not a huge fan of getting my picture taken, I always feel so self conscious of how I look in pictures 😳)
What about you? Do you have something that instantly makes you feel more confident?
Happy Friday everyone ❤️

Red lips and (lots of) wine sips 🍷💋

Happy Friday, friends!! Today is our last day for guaranteed delivery before Easter and there’s still some inventory hanging on from our spring launch! All orders will ship same day to get them to you ASAP 😘

I dunno about you but I reckon Cathy Cactus is super excited about her new neighbour. Thanks @pinterestuk for spending the morning teaching me how to do #macrame 🌱 #pintastic #pinterestinspired #macrameplanthanger #madeitmyself #documentyourdays #discoverunder1k #photosinbetween #interiorinspo #plantsofinstagram

There’s a debacle to her dance
The one she dances every single day
But it may be perplexing to perceive
In frame view of feet that never fray •

For within these incessant soles
There’s an area of grey
But with her ceaseless steps
She may lead you someplace astray •

But if you glimpse a little closer
You’d see the actuality in this dance
You’d see the verisimilitude
Of what you could define a trance •

If you stopped her in her scurries
You would espy exactly what I mean
Change the world she waltzes through
And it’s still the same routine •

She could list you a cosmic array
Of all the places that she’s been
But question her more scrupulously
And there’s so much she faltered to glean •

If you just talked to her a little
You’d grasp responses filled with regret
Always toting a tendency to forget
Meandering to yet another thing not done yet •

You see she’s a runaway
Yet she’s tripping between tangled seams
Of her own skin she is trying to escapade
Into this make believe world of her dreams •

She may deceive you that she is full of life
When she’s actually trying to fill a hole
Because in all of these empty endeavours
She’s just digging away at her own soul •

She uses her body as her compass
In this search and pursuit for ‘happy’
And you will never find her on the map
In places that prerequisite her to simply ‘be’ •

If you could just hear the the malady in her melody
Inside skin stitched with strumming strings
For she is a dancing puppet dangling from these
A human doing not a human being 🌒🌗 • #omypoetry #wordswithqueens #poetryisnotdead #littlestoriesofmylife #thebehappyproject #food4thought

I hope you never lose your sense of wonder. I think that wonder is one of the greatest abilities we have. To be curious and amazed at something is such a beautiful feeling. As we sat here in the car, waiting for sissy to get out of school, she became so fascinated with her toes and just wanted to grab onto them. Who knew watching a baby use their sweet little fingers to grab their tiny toes could make you so happy? As she sat there playing with her toes she noticed something else new and different. The colorful trees that had green leaves on them, which she had never seen before, were waving in the wind and the beams of sunlight were shinning through them into the car. She would just smile and stare at them so intently. It was a beautiful moment in which time stood still 🌿🌞

Don’t wait for a birthday or milestone ... toast to your accomplishments as they happen! Celebrate every single thing! 🎉
Thank you for joining our party [@LitLife.LA] 🥂✨
#livelifelit #thelitlife

Every NOKA smoothie pack is Non-GMO, USDA Organic, and vegan friendly. Our mission is to bring you food that's as close to the way it grows in nature as possible. No hidden ingredients. Nothing artificial. #eatNOKA
📷: @me_lu_sine

Thanks to @hometownexperience for such an amazing stay. You really can’t beat waking up to this view every morning💕

accent wall goals 🦆 #whyistherenoflamingoemoji

Twinning on #nationalpuppyday

The moment my eyes opened that early morning, my heart and mind were overflowing with emotions.”This is it,” I thought to myself. “the day my world changes forever has arrived..."
. .
excerpt from "Finding Grace Through Change"... New blog post! Click the link in the bio to give it a read.

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