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A little wrestling before bed always makes for a good nights sleep. Is that the watchful eye of Ray creepin in the corner. #blindcats #specialneedscats #dozzy #blindwobblyandhappy #cerebellarhypoplasiacats #cats_of_instagram #catloversworld #thedodo #photos4ellen #theellenshow

Marshmallow snugs. Not a bad way to end a Monday.

Feeding time at the Road Dogs zoo!
Seriously, the cutest 😂❤️


Don't give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping.


Red-y for Summer ❤️🏖

•Tomorrow is LAST DAY to enter. Be sure to enter •
Summer is here, time to look cool and cool down👙💦Need a little help? We've got some great prizes to keep you looking and feeling cool this summer. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Three winners will each win one of the following packages:
Package 1😎
Cooling collar from @skycollars
Harness or collar of choice from @bigandlittledogs
Voucher from @ruffrag
Package 2😎
Cooling collar from @skycollars
Bandana from @howlandhound
Toys selection from @petqwerks
Package 3😎
Treats package from @skycollars
Bandana or bowtie from @asherandgraydesigns
Item of choice (in stock) from @woofoutwest
Bowtie sponsored by @keeperofstarshuskies ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
1. Must follow @griffinfrenchie @frank_and_oliver @skylie_blueeyed_husky & all eight vendors.
2. Post a NEW summer inspired picture stating somewhere in your caption "this is my entry for the #toocoolforsummer😎 contest hosted by" and list the three hosts
3. State your country in the caption. International entries welcome.
4. Tag 2 friends below that you think would enjoy this contest that's open to all breeds.
5. Giveaway closes at 9pm July 26 EST. Three lucky winners will be announced on July 27. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
This giveaway is not sponsored by @Instagram, by entering you are confirming you are at least 13 years of age.

To celebrate our daughter’s birthday today, we created a quick time-lapse video documenting her first year. Enjoy!

WHAT THE!! Ok this has gone too far! Cleaning my nostrils is unnecessary! look inside, no Boogies!
#Butters GreenClean

Another day, another dollar! Headed to work with mom! 🐶 guess what!? I ate TWO bats yesterday! 🦇 #delicious

Look I can touch my nose! 👅👃🏼#tongueouttuesday

Upside down pig, she a honey badger #honeybadgerdontcare #honeybadgerdontgiveashit

*Happy Birthday Pops!* (Aren't I the best gift?)

Yes people, we are weak and fading fast. We need some yummy treats to stay alive. No that wasn't us at the park yesterday chasing all the other dogs around. Must have been our doppelgängers.
#lovethesetwo #sleepingbabies #siblinggoals #twoisbetterthanone #twopeasinapod

Welcome to my alarm clock #FEEDUS

Finding oasis in the concrete jungle... 🌵🌺💕

Let's taco about what day it is... 🤗🌮😜

Happy #tot friendchies!!! 👅

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