Tuna Pasta Pie from Popo & Nana

Babi Pongteh with Sayur Lodeh from Popo & Nana

Daikin salesmeow. Five ticks in.... #singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Come ye to me

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Looking down at you, hooman!

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Journey to the centre of the earth

咸菜鸭汤 (Salted Vegetable Duck Soup) with Omelette from Popo & Nana

The best kueh dadar in Singapore!

@six6sics this is one you must try

@_rzhen @xavier_goh heheh

Was archiving my photos when I came upon this - a remote shot in the chilly 7° winds on a clifftop in Dorset with @xavier_goh
How time flies, we've been travelling together for 5 trips over 4 years. May we enjoy many more!

Ginger ginger, itchy fella.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

We can't even come outta the drain without the paparazzi awaiting.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Masked auntie (she is over 12 years old)

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Colors of flora

Pop up from the shadows

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

We are in for a treat, as our erstwhile pawtografer returns with a couple of new pics!

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Chinese White, from @mykittea served in a kitty cup, with a katty.

Leaving only footprints behind

Highway to the unknown?

Bak Kut Teh 肉骨茶

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