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Yam Brulee and Durian Pengat Waffle.

Looking forward to being away.

#throwback #tbt #photonx_academy #hotelroom #hotel

Why give me the death glare? I am not going to throw pokeball at you. 😞
#singapore_cats #neko #kitteh #catstagram #photonx_academy

Vroom-vroom @_rzhen has her ride home. Me, I'm stuck with taking the last bus.

South West train, en route to Salisbury

Made for a dear friend.


A #SG50 and #NDP special.

Wishing all my followers and friends, and all #singapore_cats a better future ahead!
#photonx_academy #sgcats composite source images by @barnieleow

Was scrolling through my phone when I found this. A #throwback to a few months ago in Wareham.

#dinosaur #fragile #wareham #photonx_academy


Yam Brulee and Durian Pengat Waffle.

Jingle meow
Jingle meow
Jingle meow rock
Jingle meow chime
Its jingle meow time

But Xavy is grumpy....

Sous vide chicken breast with scallion sauce.

Xavy is a happy kit, with all that KitKat

I am NOT a reindeer. 😾

Vroom vroom

Enter the light side...

Before the sun rises - phonecam version.

Gimme my spam fries!!!

Avocado tart and sticky cinnamon bun.

Summoning swirls of energy from the heavens, this cat....

Malay mixed rice. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Xavy wants that Salted Egg pasta, gimme gimme!

Xavy is here again! For the healthy buckwheat soba.

Rise. Pigeons. Housing.

So now I am breakfast? - Xavy

Lunch. Yum.

Entryway to the twilight zone?

Edge between light and dark.

Cheese Curry rice

And Xavy decided to have yummilicious soba for dinner!

Bright and sunny morn.

Roadside macro on my Samsung S7.

Preparing Xavy stew... πŸ˜…

Army Stew

Part 1 - Messy but with good 'wok hei' - sliced fish beehoon.

Window into the void.

Leading me home.

Life is short. Eat dessert first.

Trick or treat, Xavy!

Gimme back my weekend!
#singapore_cats with midweek blues.

Photo by @barnieleow

Its only Tuesday. Meh. Go away.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Arrgggh! Its Monday! Noooooo!

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Whut, the weekend is over? But I just woke up! - Grumpa

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Calico southern ball.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Sundays be for idle sitting.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Blissey, a northwestern cat. Why would anyone give a cat such a weird name.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Kar-El, a northern comm cat.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

My view today.

Its Caturday, Cat Face Day!

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

We must apologise for the lack of cats, as our fav Mod had been busy. Our resident photographer had in fact left a tidy collection for sharing which will be appearing over the next few days.

So, lets go down the kitty street!

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

Coz the weekend's round the corner. #singapore_cats gonna break out the Guiness!

Photo by @barnieleow

TGIF, #singapore_cats be like this!

Photo by @barnieleow

Good laksa, good gravy, generous ingredients. Reasonably priced.

And since we are all posting the afternoon's @geometry.sg pics, here is one off my phone.

Xavy reading his book and enjoying a Pentagon!

Xavy and the Stormtroopers.

French tart with sake and watermelon lychee flavours of icecream. A dessert just made for our weather!

Stifling weather makes me want some icecream. Here's Xavy hogging his supercheap Haagen Dazs in London earlier this year.

Yup. He is strong and sturdy. The bag.

Back when I did that shoot down in the tunnels at night.

#throwback #igsg #exploresingapore #army #photonx_academy #zombiehunting

Was scrolling through my phone when I found this. A #throwback to a few months ago in Wareham.

#dinosaur #fragile #wareham #photonx_academy

Poser strike me a pose.
Cowcat bomb me a ginge.

#singapore_cats by @barnieleow

A whole 1kg chocolate mousse cake for the party! 😍

Time for galaxy and watermelon cakes. And Xavy found a new fashion for himself.



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