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Happy to meet the great swiss photographer René Groebli (b.1927) @peterfettermangallery @photolondonfair #renegroebli #london #peterfettermangallery #photolondon #

Dear EU...

5 gün sonra ilk güneş 👌🏼 #photolondon

After seeing hundreds of booths at @photolondon and photo exhibitions round town, it's time for some none photographic content. :) Larry Bells "Smoke On The Bottom" show at @whitecubeofficial is mind blowing. Not only the famous Glass Cubes are an attraction, but seeing his colorful paintings in real life is breathtaking.

#instaZEIT #ZEITmagazin #photolondon @clemensfantur

The only known photo of 3 old farts of British photography. McCullin, Bailey and Parr at PhotoLondon 2017. @bailey_studio
#donmccullin #davidbailey #martinparr #photolondon #britishphotography

Lake Michigan, 1976 by Kenneth Josephson. 12 x 15 inch gelatin silver print. From our booth at @photolondonfair #kennethjosephson #photolondon

Last day to see Juergen Teller's solo exhibition in the Great Arch at Photo London, Somerset House #juergenteller #photolondon #alisonjacquesgallery #soloexhibition

From my recent commission for Financial Times. "Although I rarely ever take photos in London, in this strange ever-transient metropolis that I made my home nearly ten years ago, living in England has had an undeniable influence on my work. The strange Victorian customs and fascination with death, Gothic tales, Romantic nostalgia for bygone times and faraway places, and of course the obsession with collecting, are all interwoven into my practice. There are many things here that continue to excite my imagination but what truly fascinates me about London are all the varied communities of people that have been moving here from all kinds of places around the world, weaving their personal journeys and stories into the fabric of each neighborhood.

One such neighborhood is Spitafields and one such story is the one of Dennis Severs who bought a dilapidated house in Folgate Street back in the 70’s, transforming it into a peculiar artwork in its own right. Severs, who I’d like to imagine as the 20th century answer to Des Essientes, a decadent character from Huysmans infamous novel Against Nature, transformed his house into a sensual feast in which he surrounded himself with historic interiors, carefully arranged objects and of course an array of smells and sounds that all bring his “still life drama”, as he called it, to life. Upon my recent visit, I was pleased to discover that the house at 18 Folgate Street keeps bravely resisting the common notion of time as well as the ever-encroaching sterile City developments of glass and steel, maintaining a good level of distance from the mundane sanity of the everyday life." #terezazelenkova #dennissevers #financialtimes #photolondon



1. I basically want to be Mia (Emma Stone's character in La La Land) and wear brightly coloured dresses all the time. And sing about my life.

2. To be fair, there's nothing to stop me from doing either (sorry, unsuspecting public).

3. The #CamilleWalala installation at the NOW Gallery (full view in second pic above) is a lot of fun, btw. It's a riot of shapes and colours, and you're encouraged to wander around and spot the anomalies. 🔶💚🔴

[Q1] What things do people tend to assume about you that you don't think are true?
[BEN] I’m scary and intimidating. People won’t come over and say hello, but obviously you have done.

[Q2] What would you do right now if you weren't held back by fear or money or anything else?
[BEN] I went to New Zealand for a year working on a farm, and I loved it. I’d probably go away again. I got given some money by my granddad, and I’m back on a farm now, so I’ve got a bit of responsibility, and I’m scared of leaving that and upsetting him. So if I had no fear I’d go travel the world again. Do something else.

[Q3] People are typically busy. What or whom would you make time for?
[BEN] Um...can I say whatever I want? Are you sure? Smoking a joint on a Sunday. Always make time for that. I love it. Work takes over my life. I’m a farmer, so I work quite hard. But I enjoy a bit of downtime, so I always make time for that.

🇬🇧Canary Warf🇬🇧
Celebrate the rain:
It only means that the sun shall shine bigger and brighter than ever.

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I am pleased and proud to announce @timtaylor_photography new exhibition entitled #KOSMOS Chapter I. Tim's work has been leading up to this and I know it is going to blow everyone away. If you would like to see the 11 stunning images on display, please contact Tim directly (it is not a walk in exhibition, appointment only please.) @johnjoneslondon #TimTaylorKosmos #exhibition #fineart #mountains #makalu #photographer #blackandwhite #london #photolondon #stunning #art #proud

NEW THING | STAYCATION | A while ago I had a free weekend so I booked an impromptu staycation at a lovely hotel as a treat. It was amazing - I took photos of the hotel, cocooned myself in the room for about 24 hours, turned off my phone (mostly - it helped that I'd left my charger at home!), ran a hot, long bath, ordered room service and finally finished reading a book I previously hadn't had time for. It was wonderful - I wish I could do it all over again! 💛

Also, as a smaller 'new thing', I used the 'honesty bar' downstairs (swipe for last 2 pics) - you take what you want, they trust you to write it down on a log sheet, and you pay at checkout. I didn't get any of the hard stuff, though ☺️

I also tried another new thing at the time, but I don't think I can mention it on Instagram! 😶

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