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Prepping for a photo op with Mo. #sisters #photographyrules

Congratulations to all the photographers at The Central Coast Photographic Competition launched tonight! Three of the four judges here enjoying being surrounded by amazing photography...well done central coast creatives! #wyong #creativecity #photographyrules

With my beautiful new baby girl... ready to rock! #natalierocfortfotografia #newbornphotography #iminlove ❤️ #photographyrules

My friends, we have reached THE MAGIC NUMBER: 138 thousand followers. I have been waiting & waiting & waiting & waiting & waiting to hit this #; in fact I have seriously debated just flat-out quitting Instagram when I hit 138, because there really is no better number for me- many of you will understand why this number is just SO FREAKING GREAT (the rest of you will just have to google it) & why I would want to just stop at this glorious juncture. But since I have only had my new Leica M-P (my dream camera) for two days, I guess I will be forced to continue on while I learn how to use the darn thing, hahaha. The cool thing about Instagram for me is that I get to document my progression/journey as a photographer here while simultaneously documenting my travels (this truly makes me pay more attention to my surroundings), as well as trying to drive a visual narrative that has some SUBSTANCE. Yes, it has its flaws- small size, low-resolution, spam-bots always offering me ways to make oodles of money over the Internet- but it's a neat (not to mention FREE) tool to express myself artistically. I started screwing around with an iPhone phone camera about five years ago, then picked up a real camera & my life immediately changed. When I started posting here, I got a lot of good advice from photographers, & even made a few new friends to go shooting with. Social media (& the Internet in general) can be a freaking horrible brain-sucking waste of time or it can be an artistic tool used to communicate something you have put some thought into- it's up to you how you employ it. Everyone has an artistic side of some sort- I believe it is an intrinsic aspect of the human condition. So find & employ your artistic side- trust me, it's good for the soul. Thanks following & helping me reach 138! #weare138 #photographyrules

Playing withe Fiilex lights!! This wand thing is awesome! #fiilex #fiilexled #LightSaberAction #photography #photographyrules

The #americaneuropacupGSteam looking pretty at the 2pm sunset today in Gällivare for hill freeski. 📸 @ramonzenhaeusern #rageacademy #photoshop #photographyrules

Lovin my new DSLR camera😍😃 #bestfilterever #betterselfiesnow #photographyrules


Playing around with filters #photographyrules #photography

Sometimes a splash of colour is all that is needed.

I've got my ticket for long way 'round
Two bottles of whiskey for the way
And I sure would like some sweet company
And I'm leaving tomorrow, whatdya say?...... From Series : My Spot
#drinks #colddrinks #ice #closeup #photography #blacknwhite #artphotography #myspot #photographyrules

In love with this fun garland I made for a maternity shoot. Of course I had to try it on to make sure it fits and looks good, grateful my first attempt came out well and light to wear. 📷😂😬📷 Creator: @sebastianfoto

Telling a story is something I absolutely love about being a photographer and when you get the opportunity to tell another persons story it's very special and I'm always grateful to be a part of their moment in history.
Photographer: @sebastianphotonet Assistant: @courtneytomesch
Model/Mom to be: @queencooper24

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