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Young Piping Plovers can leave their nest a few hours after hatching.🐣⠀

Photo: Melissa Groo (@melissagroo)/Audubon Photography Awards

Leather look: today's outfit by @demydezeeuw ⚫👌💯

Paint me like one of your french girls 🖌
By @wais1 | Via @pleasure.principles

Are you gentle with your bud?
Cannabis is a beautiful plant from every angle, especially when you see it close up. Look at all those sugary crystals…
Those sugary-looking elements are called trichomes, which are mushroom-like crystals that form on marijuana plants, typically as a defense mechanism against insects.
Although there are different kinds of trichomes, the ones that you and I appreciate the most are "capitate-stalked trichomes," typically 50-100 micrometers in size.
These trichomes contain most of the cannabinoids and essential oils that we love. They’re also the part of the plant that is most commonly harvested in extracts such as honey oils, hash, wax, etc.
Comment below if you’ll never look at cannabis the same way again.


Spot the odd one out ahahah .

The ocean kissed the concrete then slowly, wave by wave, it took it to its depths.
#flood #tides #nikon #mynikonlife #nikonglobal #photography #photographer #landscape #vitaminsea #winter #clovelly

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