Who here knew hayfever induced asthma was a thing? I didn't.
I had an appointment with the doctor this morning and what I thought was going to be a chest infection for the last 3/4 weeks is actually asthma. 🙄
I have a lovely new breathing accessory now...

This strong #lightandshadow welcomed me to this #day. Lasting for such a#briefmoment of quiet and solitary contemplation. And just as quickly as the #light was gone chaos of family took over my day. #domesticlandscape #photographtheeveryday

CAIRO This is a corner of Cairo I took several years ago (not very skilfully as I got light into the right hand side). However, it’s a subject I’ve always wanted to paint.The problem is that I paint very simple subjects these days, usually with a great deal of sky in them, so I am troubled by the amount of clutter there is in this image. However, I think that is the point. I will fill the entire painting with clutter and have no sky at all. Which will be an interesting reversal of my normal work but saying the same thing.

I very rarely take selfies (unless it’s with someone in the frame with me haha) but there are times where it’s good to get on the other side of the camera. I can’t say that it’ll be something I do often but maybe a bit more than never haha

He’s getting so big, a new bike was in order. #photographtheeveryday #enjoythelittlethings

When I shuffle through the boxes of my mom’s old photos, it’s the ones that reveal what her everyday life was like that I cherish. Sure, her high school graduation picture is stunning, and framed in my room. But the shot of her walking down a city street in her Inwood neighborhood as a teenager is compelling—I want to sit down with that young woman and be her friend; I want to hear her stories. That's why many #foundphotos such as this one enchant us—this mother is hanging laundry...what could be more ordinary? And yet...I imagine her story is extraordinary. Our photos tell the stories of our lives. And our lives, frankly, are not merely birthdays and weddings. Our lives are lived in the in-between. So tell those stories. Write about them, and photograph them. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Happy Holidays! ...the Spring one...
He is risen!

It’s a rock, I know. One I will treasure. It is going to stay in my camera bag to remind me how special a child made me feel today.
It was a gift from a beautiful little girl after her photo session with me today. I got a hug, a high five, and one of her special rocks she keeps with her. Sniff. So incredibly touching. 😌
Why do I take pics? To make sure kids get seen, heard and see how wonderful they are. To give parents a little break in the moment of our photo shoot to not stress, and hopefully make sure that they know they are doing a great job in this crazy, challenging parenting world.
To make sure that each family I work with feels special and that the love they have for their spouse and kids is documented for safe keeping!
#specialrocks #holidayminisuccess #specialmomentsinlife #passionforphotography #whyidowhatido❤️ #kidsareamazing💝
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H E R eyebrow game is strong // she is a miniature of her daddy // still chipper despite being so congested, unable to sleep much, getting hindered breathing, teary eyes... she’s still smiling. As am I, despite no sleep for two nights. Just a little delirious and wouldn’t advise myself to operate heavy machinery!
Today she is wearing the cutest all-in-one from favourite @the.little.gray 💕

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Just finished this gallery and, umm, I’m kind of obsessed! So much fun! So much personality! And cuteness overload!! @kalyn_kohler #pittsburghfamilyphotographer #pittsburghchildphotographer #lifestylephotography #naturallightphotography #photographtheeveryday

Another one of my favorites from this family’s lifestyle session. I think my favorite part is Miss Brynlee in the bottom right sneaking in to turning off the lamp 😂 This is parenthood. This is real life.
#momlife #dadlife #lifestylephotography #photographtheeveryday #pittsburghlifestylephotographer #pittsburghfamilyphotography #pittsburghcouplesphotographer #naturallightphotography

So, I got to spend my morning hanging out with these two cuties (and their awesome mom and dad) in their gorgeous home! We played some basketball, jumped on the beds, and Miss B gave me the inside scoop on where her family keeps the snow boots (that’s Lucky Charms for those of you who aren’t in the loop 😂)! Thanks so much @kalyn_kohler for welcoming me in to your home! I can’t wait for you to see your finished gallery!
#pittsburghlifestylephotographer #naturallightphotography #photographtheeveryday #pittsburghfamilyphotographer #momentsofsweetness #pittsburghchildphotographer

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