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double tap ❁ answer qotp
- - -
↠ necklaces or bracelets? ↠ necklaces
- - -
• fc : 906
- - -
✩ watching jumanji rn

good morning 💗 via @dear_milu

What's your fav weather?

"Why do you live?"
"To cover the earth before it covers me"

Have you ever been in love?

What’s ur eye colour? 👁

Not all classrooms have four walls🌴✨

ох уж эти сонные не накрашенные глаза.

Describe your favorite outfit

the sign in the back amen

goodnight babes! so happy i posted so many times yay
q) would you wear this kind of culottes?

Outfit: yay or nay? 😍

Goodnight :)

what phone are you reading this on?

kylie 2013 or 2016?

left or right ?

Hey I’m Back! ✨


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