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Happy Father’s Day to my pops! Love ya bunches 😊#photobombedbymybrother

Did someone say greenies?! 💚💚💚 #myfavoritetreat #photobombedbymybrother

So this is Nicholas Andrew Hernandez most call him Nick, i call him Indiana or now fiancé 😱 i know it is just as crazy for y’all to hear as it is for me to say. Nick is from and currently lives in Indiana hence why he’s kind of a surprise. On November 30th @nahernandez18 slid into my DM’s with a simple “hey :)” and at the time I was completely cold hearted and had told him a friendship was all I could offer. This boy took that as challenge accepted and on January 12th he boarded a plane to come take me out to dinner....only his flight got canceled while in the air and he ended up in Vegas 🤣 still determined to have a date with me he rented a car at 11 o’clock at night and drove the 4 hrs to get to San Diego. We spent the next 36 hours getting to know each other and when it came time to drop him off I was on the verge of tears. We then went to the chopping block figuring out how we could make it work and Nick accepting the challenge yet again decided to move across the country to give it a run and the rest is history....Most people will say it is crazy, most people will tell us every single reason why it won’t work, and we know there will be a lot of judgement towards taking such a big step together but we were both a little crazy and spontaneous and stubborn as well as dedicated. Nick is respectful, hardworking, funny, has a heart of gold and he makes me feel safe and incredibly loved. He’s a one of a kind and I’m beyond blessed to do life with him 😍💙 p.s @itsamitch get the hell out of the picture 🤣#engaged #fiance #photobombedbymybrother

New Years kiss. 💙 my daddy! #photobombedbymybrother

Happy New Years guys! Hope you all have an amazing 2018.

Getting photo bombed by my not so little bro #selfie #brother #photobombedbymybrother

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