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Day 174/365: SpaceX’s flight-proven Falcon 9 rocket launches BulgariaSat-1, as viewed from a helicopter soaring 1,000ft over Cape Canaveral! I rented a Robinson R44 helicopter to get a unique vantage point of today’s Falcon 9 launch.

Shoreline Slay Day

Wow, wow, wow! Chiang Mai Lantern Festival has me 😍. Tell me guys, (it's been a while, sorry!) what are your plans for the summer?!!! Anyone planning on traveling to #Thailand? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, it has been a while since my last post! To those of you still around I love you! Haha ☺
I will save all the boring details of what I have been doing for another day but ill give you guys the short version. I have been recovering from an illness called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). The illness caused me to be extremely ill daily (felt like I had a never ending Flu) and pass out anytime I tried to sit up or stand up. Talk about a problem! Haha. I have been retraining my body to walk again and things are going great so far! Yay! -
But seriously guys, thank you all for supporting me and commenting, liking etc! It means the world to me and gives me even more motivation to have a FULL recovery from my illness.


20th June 2017
Super hot today for little superheroes, so I chilled out and had a little nap on Mummy! #babysuperhero #buzzlightyear #sleepybaby #scorchio #photoaday #elliswestbrook

#day173of365 Today's color is green with some sprinkle of sunshine...🌿🌞
#green #leaves #sunnyday

Good thing #MannyMann and I got our tickets early! (Seriously though, how cute is this? Jiji! 🐱🖤)
Kiki's Delivery Service was released in 1989 (a great year for animated film, as it's also the year my favorite Disney film came out), but it only gains relevance for me as I grow older. And I think getting to see it tonight -- such a beautiful 35mm print! -- was coincidentally very good timing. On the surface it's about coming of age and a flying young witch's delivery service, yes... But what it's really about is how magic and art are the same, and what it means to an artist to lose their art; to struggle with inspiration, with keeping their spirits up, with depression; about being alone with yourself, but also how to accept help and love from others, even (especially) when we are at our lowest, most alone, defensive or difficult. It always makes me cry, because of these things. It's very much a "don't give up" movie as to how it speaks to my heart, and I could use some of that right now.
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