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Phos, Always with good Style!! 👍 Stolen pic #berlingraffiti #phos4

Stylewriting Lesson 1 #phos4 #rtz #gfa #soscrew #magic

✦©$IKE137xPHOS4/2013/from another view📸✦ #sike137 #phos4 #graffiti #art #freespirit

#TSCHÜSSY TSY-#doitsche&;albana prototype #TSCHÜSSYTRIBE series by #phos4 #embroidery


"International Quintet" □□■■□ I've seen some nice photos from Munich popping up on Instagram over the last few days. Huge 'fuck off' walls by OsGemeos & other talented people. They reminded me of a mad trip we made there in 1993. I'm not gonna talk about all the mad 'goings on' right now, other than saying: We spent the last 2-3 days in some jailhouse gaff spattered in blood (mostly 'not ours!'), the local newspaper christened us an 'International Quintet' & one of our merry gang spent another 2 weeks in Statdelheimmer prison (or whatever it's called). The real reason however that Munich's mention made me think about 1993 is bcoz somebody mentioned 'Loomit' & It was he who put us up at his place & helped out the guy who went to prison by getting him a lawyer etc. Dankashun Herr Loomit! You're definately one of the good guys 👍 .... Re: That 93 trip. A few pangs of emotion hit me as I thought about the rest of our motley crew: Metro KOA WD (Auz) my brotherfromanother who I haven't seen in far too long! I miss you mate! * Screws KOA WD (Auz) who sadly died a few years later in a motorcycle accident. RIP bro! * Knezo KOA WD (Auz) A crazy little Chinaman from Sydney who I swear could outsnore anyone on this planet. I last saw (or spoke to) him in 1997 when I visited there. I hope he's ok! & last, but never least. King Odem aka Sor6 SOS crew from Berlin who also sadly passed away this year! RIP my friend! .. Fuck me! This pathetic shit is only graffiti, it's 'Nothing' in the real world, but I feel like some kind of broken up & busted old soldier reminnissing on times gone by, thinking about old buddies & wondering how life is treating them & dwelling on the passing of fallen comrades. Life is fucking mad aint it?...... We painted quite a few panels on that trip. In this one I spelt my name ending with a KS. Blah blah blah! I think we made sure that Munich wouldn't forget our 'International Quintet' in a hurry! I certainly won't forget any of em ever! #DraxWD #MetroKOA #ScrewsRIP #KnezoKOA #OdemRIP #Loomit #Phos4 #Munich1993 #WD30Years

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