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Homemade Lao pho. Bomb.com! 🍲 #latelatedinner #phoislife #auntiescookingisthebest

lass euch nicht anniesen, sonst müsst ihr wie ich bibbernd vor der Haustür hocken und auf eure 1 l Pho Bestellung warten, weil ihr schlecht hören könnt dank dem Schnupfen 💩🍲⚒🍸 #mimimimi #phoislife #aprilaprildermachtwaserwill #wannklingeltsendlich

Rainy days deserve pho 🍲 #lunchwithbae #phoislife

Would much rather be on a Pho/Boba date with my parents and cousins right now than studying for my midterms😂... When #PhoIsLife 🍲 ❤️ #tb

When you promise babe you're gonna take her to eat pho but your homie call you to go drink. #phoislife #beeroverbabe #breakingpromises
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🤧 I'm sick. If you watch my IG story then you already know but.. Not only am I literally sick 😷 but I'm sick of being angry in this world.
This weekend I went over my Data (#ATTSucks) so I literally had no idea whatsoever what was happening in the world till Sunday morning when I connected to wifi. I instantly went from being super happy on my girls trip to super angry. Like the shit is never going to end. Last year I would've flooded my timeline with my thoughts immediately on how it is being black in America.. But.. Everybody already knows. I don't have the energy to keep explaining myself or defending my worth to people who don't walk in my shoes.
Last year, I was so outraged that I decided to attend a peaceful protest in Dallas.. Walking back to our cars, shots were fired and five police officers were killed. That was the scariest day of my life. The next day, there was a bullet hole the size of a golf ball in my car. That day changed me forever. So this world doesn't owe me shit and I'm not going to keep proving my worth to wypepo or anyone else. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I was raised by a single mother, father in prison since I was two.. According to the statistics of this world I should've been pregnant and a high school drop out but I'm not. #CollegeGrad and #SelfEmployed 🙌🏾. But, since that incident, I am numb to the chaos in this world and I choose to be happy. But PLEASE don't get it twisted because this pimp hand stays strong. 😒 I only have one life to live so I just choose happiness over arguing with Donald Dump supporters for the rest of my life.

Pretending my hospital broth is pho! ♡ #yum #phoislife #nosrirachaheart

#Pho #PhoIsLife 😩🙌🏾 @phokitchen.dallas
hahaha "this is Versace" "fool you can't spell Versace" "PHO-Sace..." 😂😂😂😂😂


#pho weather is here and I couldn't be more happy #phoislife #phoreals

Rainy days deserve pho 🍲 #lunchwithbae #phoislife

Oxtail Pho in progress. One of our FAV meals to eat! I've never really followed a recipe for it so if any one has an amazing one to share, that would be awesome!🍲🥕🍄 #oxtail #oxtailsoup #oxtailpho #homemadepho #phosoup #phopot #phoislife #phonoodlesoup #organicsoup #organicnoodlesoup #ketopho #omega3 #grassfedbeef #grassfinishedbeef

Pho & Basketball #pho #ballislife #phoislife

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