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We really appreciate you guys for worrying about us.
Go to my Vlog to see what we found so you can see what happened. & Go check out the movie @Phoenix_Forgotten, it opens in theaters
everywhere this Friday. April 21!
Link in bio! #phoenixforgotten #sp #linkinbio

| Team 10 is back home! They are ok! They went to Phoenix to check out
@Phoenix_Forgotten after they saw the trailer. Go check out what Team 10
found in Phoenix on @JakePaul vlog and see the rest of the video.
The movie is in theaters this Friday, so time for us get scared.
link to get your tickets! bit.ly/phoenixforgottenmovie #phoenixforgotten #ad

This is scary. Please check in on us. We don’t want to end up like the movie. #PhoenixForgotten

Its finally out..go see @Phoenix_Forgotten in theaters today #Ad...buy tickets at bit.ly/phoenixforgottenmovie #PhoenixForgotten

This was awesome! @JakePaul vlog looks amazing. I can’t believe I didn’t go. I missed it! OK I’m ready to see the @Phoenix_Forgotten Just bought tix for Friday, who is with me?
Get your tickets bit.ly/phoenixforgottenmovie, let’s go check it out and let me know your favorite parts. In theaters everywhere this Friday April 21! #phoenixforgotten #ad

They were never alone. Get #PHOENIXFORGOTTEN on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD NOW! (Link in bio)

So the aliens are finally here haha! 👽 I heard it's the 20th year anniversary of the Phoenix Lights! So CRAZY! @phoenix_forgotten
#PhoenixForgotten #Ad

Hey Insta, go see #phoenixforgotten in theaters tomorrow. My nephew @justinmatthews__ stars in it. #horrormovies #foundfootage #shitmypants #prouduncle


My new favorite movie Phoenix forgotten #phoenixforgotten

5º día de #Terrormolins 2017 en el que podréis disfrutar de:
#Caché (gratis)
Además, conferencia sobre Haneke y presentación del libro "Michael Haneke. La estética del dolor", en la salga Gótica del Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei
#cine #festival #festivaldecine #terrormolins #terrormolins2017 #molinsderei #terror #horror @terrormolins

We had the great opportunity to do a Q&A with Florence Hartigan, and it's live on our website! Link in bio!
She is the lead in this year's Phoenix Forgotten, and through music and acting, her talents are being recognized and utilized in Hollywood. Give it a read!

This photograph was captured out on #GroomLakeRoad going directly into America’s Most Secretive Alien Base - Area 51!!! Come with me on a guided photography tour out to #Area51. It’s called my custom WildWest Area 51 Tour where we take tour groups to several amazing spots like old west ghost towns and even rock art sites. You can photograph western ruins and ancient Native petroglyphs. It includes several unknown locations off the beaten path! ⛅️🌵The cost is roughly $800 per person for a three-day tour and two nights in hotels. One of those nights is in a haunted hotel and the other night is at the #LittleAleInn in #Rachel #Nevada near the base. As a regular visitor to some of America’s top secret military bases, my knowledge as a photographer and interpreter is extensive! Hit me up if you are interested in doing a customized tour? My knowledge of the the land covers the entire American Southwest from Los Angeles, CA to Big Bend, Texas! 📷🎥 Tours can combined to include ufo hotspots and National Parks visits all over the Southwest! For over a decade my career was operating and conducting multiple day tours that were five star rated through Trip Advisor. Working as a private tour guide is proving to have its own caveats though! Read about my Area 51 Tour here: http://thephotofrontier.com/expedition51/ 🛸👽🛸👽🛸
#UFOtours #Area51Tours #TripAdvisor #Instatravel #travelphotography #topsecrettours #Nevada #independenceday #aliens #phoenixforgotten

#justinmatthews just wrapped his latest movie #happyvalley directed by #barrylevinson with Al Pacino in the lead as famous College Football Coach, Joe Paterno.
#actor #phoenixforgotten #majorcrimes #happyvalley #photoshoot #photographer #celebrityphotographer #bjoernkommerell #hollywood

Phoenix Forgotten is a movie that I love, for reasons that have little to do with the movie itself. I am a huge paranormal buff, along with the strange and spooky world of UFO sightings, and the Phoenix Lights are among the more notorious events outside of the legendary Roswell incident. This movie attempts to build a thriller narrative around a found footage/documentary style, and I would say for the most part it works. The movie isn’t particularly great, nor eventful, but I found a lot to like about it, mostly due to decent and committed performance, and presence of “lore” I am very familiar with. I enjoyed this one. Anyone else? #bluray #bluraycollection #bluraycollector #movies #moviecollection #moviecollector #collection #collector #film #films #cinema #cinephile #mycollection #alien #scifi #sciencefiction #phoenixlights #phoenixforgotten #abduction #closeencounters

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m a fan of the lost footage horror movie genre. Some have been better than others. ‘Phoenix Forgotten’ is not one of the better ones, unfortunately. Three teens head into the desert to investigate an unexplained phenomenon: stationary lights that appear at night and may be ufo related. They’re never seen or heard from again. The movie was painfully slow, with little to no action or suspense created until the last twenty minutes. When you finally get to the end, it’s completely lackluster. This gets a ghosty rating of one boo out of five. 👻 Skip this one, my friends. #moviereview #phoenixforgotten #horror #foundfootagehorror #horrormovies #scifi #horrorfan #horrorfilm #horrornerd #horrormovie #horrorgram #horrorclub #horrorlife #horrorgeek #horrorchick #theaficionotos


To be clear, I’m only counting the horror movies I’ve seen this month. Everything else is superfluous for now. I’m a little disappointed I didn’t get to watch all the horror movies I wanted to see (Gerald’s Game and George Romero’s filmography in particular), but, I still saw a bunch, and now I’m making jokes about them.

Phoenix Forgotten: Bet you “forgot” about this movie, didn’t ya?

Unfriended: “What is a troll?” -a “realistic” teenager

Beetlejuice: Sylvia Sidney played a caseworker who died from either smoking or getting her throat sliced. Sydney would die 10 years later from esophageal cancer due to a lifetime of smoking. *…I wanna say…irony?* Nightmare on Elm Street: He doesn’t say bitch enough in this, bitch.

The Bye Bye Man: That’s cute, the movie thought it was gonna get a sequel!

The Mummy 2017: This movie would’ve been better with no music or sound effects.

Alien Covenant: The first film to feature gay robots and no one can take it seriously. That’s a shame.

IT (1990): MWAHA, HA, HA!!! IT (2017): Finn Wolfhard’s gonna wind up a saint when he gets older.

Saw: They need to play this every Thanksgiving.

It Came from Outer Space: IN SUPER OBVIOUS 3D!!! Friday the 13th: Motherly instinct is a bitch, ain’t it?

SCRE4M: “Horror franchise go on forever and aren’t as good as they used to be!” -the horror franchise that has gone on forever and isn’t as “good” as it used to be.

The Wolf Man: This werewolf would then go on to bite his next-door neighbor, that was also a chipmunk.

Creature from the Black Lagoon: The creature design is AWESOME!!! The Mummy (1932): The one without Tom Cruise or Brendan Fraser.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Fuckin’ rednecks, man. 😝

Boo! A Madea Halloween: Even the title doesn’t like Madea ruining Halloween.

Ghostbusters: Why can’t we get these types of kids movies again?

Evil Dead 2: I’ve never said this, but: don’t swallow.

The Invisible Man: Someone’s been playing with Spongebob’s invisible spray.

Jaws: Where’s the part where Hooper sleeps with Brady’s wife?

Cabin in the Woods: Look, one of the Avengers is in our movie! *CONTINUED IN COMMENTS*

Just finished watching PHOENIX FORGOTTEN. This found footage sci-fi was complete news to me until just recently and overall I think its quite well crafted. Inspired by the real life mystery of "The Phoenix Lights" this film creates an exciting story about UFOs and manages to execute a rather terrifying storyline despite the less is more approach. Theres not a whole lot of effects but I think this also helps with the intensity of the third act and makes for a much more powerful ending. #phoenixforgotten #discjunkiesfoundfootage #discjunkieswatching #horror #horrormovies #moviecollector #bluraycollection #bluraycollectors #foundfootage #foundfootagehorror #bluray #dvd

Finally watched this one the other night. I'm a sucker for found footage and this one was pretty entertaining. Characters were surprisingly likable. @fl0bie the sister looking for answers and @chelsealjlopez the quirky friend were both great. Blair witch UFO style, check it out!
#phoenixforgotten #foundfootage #aliens

Newest Vudu Additions
Shoutout to @reezy1026 for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Shoutout to @theawesomeyan for Sleight. Shoutout to @scharland1025 for Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. Shoutout to @scarletweb_head for Ghost in the Shell and all the others! I also got Bridget Jones’s Diary, Phoenix Forgotten, Bleed for This, Thunderstruck, Ghost in the Shell, and The Mummy.
#BluRay #DigitalHD #DigitalCopy #VUDU #BridgetJones #PhoenixForgotten #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #Sleight #DiaryOfAWimpyKid #BleedForThis #Thunderstruck #OKCThunder #GhostInTheShell #Mummy #TheMummy

Film ini akan menceritakan tentang 20 tahun setelah tiga orang remaja yang menghilang, dan di bangun dari sebuah lampu misterius dan muncul di atas Phoenix, Arizona, serta rekaman terlihat dari malam tersebut, telah ditemukan, yang mencatat jam-jam terakhir ekspedisi saat kejadian naas yang menimpa mereka. Sebenarnya apa yang telah menimpa mereka? Tonton full movie nya di link bawah ini:
link: www.nontonmovie303.com
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