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Working on my site 👨🏻‍💻
What do you think so far? 🙏🏼

Different #99, same result from Taijuan Walker 😱🔥🔥

That soft touch of pink...🌸
📷: @laurenristow

When life gives you melons (or was it lemons?), you host a latte art throw down and coffee swap! 6p today at our 1st Street location; free to attend, $5 to compete, winner takes all. Bring your own up-to-12-ounce non-cup vessels! Prizes sponsored by @notNeutral
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💪🏈 Larry Fitz out here already making plays on the first day of training camp (via @azcardinals)

Today was dope af 😍. As a team we crushed our goal. Individually, I passed my target, and got another hat trick! #squad

In a competitive industry where there's so much focus on sales volume, units sold, and "who's who", it's moments like this that we live for! The moment when Juan walked into the massive kitchen and said, "It's just such a beautiful house, I can't believe this is our home!", and when Melanie turned to their young boy and explained to him, "This home was the result of years of hard work, son." Juan and Melanie worked so hard for this home, and with every hurdle along the way, they placed so much trust and good faith in us to make it happen! Today we handed them the keys, and we couldn't imagine a more deserving family for this gorgeous home! We hope you join us in celebrating our newest home owners, the Contreras's! This work is so meaningful to us because of wonderful people like you guys!

Beaver Falls 💦 ~ 📸 by: @tara1393_
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Rambo comes to LVC for love and attention! #laveenvetcenter

For those that don't know, my husband is the youth pastor at our church. Which makes me the game and event planner for the youth. I honestly love working with the teens and seeing them grow. 🌿Being around them makes me realize how old I'm getting. It also reminds me of my teen years. Last week we (myself and some ladies from church, not my hubs) hosted a teen girls spa night. It was a lot of fun! We played some games, including blindfolded makeovers. We also painted each other's nails 💅🏼 and had a message about what God says true beauty is. I thought I would share some photos from it. If you swipe to the end ---->
There is a cute video which shows some of the games we played. Hope you enjoy 🤗

Knocked this badboi out tonight! I seriously had a blast making this. I want to do all the traditional, so come getchoo sum.

Hey everyone hit me up for fresh cuts, under cuts, and soon to b designs, I'm out here just trying to get new clients and work for my self plz pass on to friends family any one that is looking for a barber thx,
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Love is a place //

•"I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over and over. Without pause. Without doubt. In a heartbeat... I'll keep choosing you."• ❤️
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Please take action and call, email, and/or meet with your Senator. The proposed cuts and caps will hurt a lot of people. If you support an organization for Veterans, Seniors, Disabled, chances are they will support you calling and demanding #nocutsnocaps A simple phone call or email will help. We have never taken action, but we have emailed several times and have called our Arizona Senator, @jeffflake . Calling his office was very simple. You simple relay your message to his assistant and your done. No one will question you or argue with you. Take action and make a difference for those that can't fight for themselves. PLEASE if you have something to add, questions , or advice please leave a comment.

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