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When someone asks me if they can have a bite of my pho I'm like "First of all, no. Second of all, no" 💁🏼🌿 lol jk we can share 😬
I got tagged by my lovely friend @fierce.century to share some facts about me so imma do it cause I love things like this! ☺️.
1. I'm from Finland but I grew up in Asia- I lived in Singapore for 12 years, Thailand for 5 years, Finland for 2 and South Africa for 1 😬
2. I have 3 tattoos and I plan on getting so many more because I'm slightly obsessed
3. I study in South Africa at University of Pretoria. And the subjects I'm studying are Criminology, Geography, Anthropology, English and Psychology. (I have no idea what kind of job I want- just kind of going with the flow for now!).
4. I have 2 cats who are both almost 10 years old, who I absolutely love to bits and who I'm also slightly allergic to 😭
5. I've been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years, his name is Carel, you can go stalk him @abe_love 😬we started dating in Singapore and now live together in South Africa.
6. I'm absolutely terrified of public speaking, but I really want to work on this because I never voice my opinions in lectures and things like that and then regret it 😂
7. My favorite foods are pho (if you couldn't tell 😂), any kind of spicy noodle soups, and pesto pasta.
8. I love documentaries especially ones about murder investigations, veganism or plane crash investigations (this doesn't help with my fear of flying but I still really enjoy them) 😂
9. I've been vegan for a year and 3 months
10. I have a younger sister who is 13 and an older sister who is 23. (Who are both amazing humans and I love dearly).
11. I'm supposed to be studying for criminology right now but instead I'm procrastinating and writing this. 😂
Those are all the facts I can think of now! I don't want to tag people cause I feel like that makes people feel like they can't do this if I didn't tag them so I'm just tagging everyone!! I love reading facts about people so please please please do this and let me know so I can read some facts about you ☺️ Hope you're all having a lovely Thursday!! 🌴☀️
Oh and the shirt is from @fiorellaglobal (I told you guys I was slightly obsessed with this brand 😂

Please sign up for Spring roll insurance

The hardest part about Wagamama delivery is having to lift the food to your mouth. 📍: @wagamama_usa

Nie miałem tego w planach, ale wpadłem wczoraj spontanicznie do @shrimphouse61. 🍤 Krewetki w tempurze + frytki (35 PLN), do tego pho (20 PLN). Była to pyszna uczta i coś czuję, że niebawem wrócę po więcej. 😉

#wygrywamzanoreksja #maciejje #krewetki #krewetka #shrimp #shrimps #prawn #prawns #tempura #pho #seafood #seafoods #owocemorza #jedzenie #szamka #pychota #żarcie #poznan #poznań

Another day, another noodle soup...buckwheat mushroom noodles, my fave yet (from @lotusfoods, not sponsored, just always buy em).

The Pho sandwich 🙌 Roasted beef, bean sprouts, basil, onion, cilantro, avocado, tomato with Hoysin and Sriracha sauce on a roll. 🍅🥒🥑🌿🥙🍞


When you have an awesome coworker who brings you #vegetarian #pho at work on her day off just because it's your #birthday 😍 Thanks @wheb!!!! You rock!

#iyiki 💕

I'm at work rn so I can't draw on paper, doesn't stop me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #pho #food #drawing #art #cute #funny #adorable #kawaii #vietnamesefood #follow4follow #like4like

Chicken noodle #soop dreams in Portland

Me: Babe, what do you want for lunch?
Eric: Pho.
Me: It's too hot for Pho.
Eric: But its windy.
Lol. I guess that's enough reason #pho 🍜

Pho Ga in Stockholm 😜😎👌👊🏼
#saymynem #pho #onestbientasvu

Bun Bo Hue: pho with beef, pork and cooked pork blood.
#pho #noodles #asian #vietnamesefood #vietnam #food #foodporn #asianfood #beef #pork #porkblood #lunch #broth #soup

Gotta love pho!!! My favorite food!! If you haven't tried Let's Pho off of Ventura I highly suggest it!!! It's the best pho place!! Had a blast with @everythingeya after our shoot yesterday!! #goodfood #photography #pho #work #hustle #yummy @lets.pho

Tried Pho for the first time today 🍜 #phoevermaine #pho #vietnamese

Fresh vibrant chicken pho. 🍜 #foodporn #pho #asiancusine #freshingredients

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