- does anyone else hate doing crime and punishment in history ugh, rip me

get ready for a rant below:
so basically im having a hard time kind of keeping up with this account. im losing followers because of either my inactiveness or my flood of tøp posts (lol). I’ve always wanted to hit 1k followers because why not but I think it’s never gonna happen since I have been stuck around 720-725 followers for forever. Also with DNP, I’m starting to lose interest over them. Of course, I will watch their videos because I love them and stuf, but I might not to be the point where my posts will be all about them. So... that basically means I’m leaving the phandom. Oof But it will forever be near my heart.
So, probably soon, I might be making a completely new account. I might give away this account or just delete it I don’t know.
Id like to start fresh, but I don’t know where yet and when.
thank you for listening to my rant.
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wow i didn’t plan to post this on the last day of ii (not including tbc) but agh i can’t believe it’s over. everyone who got the chance to meet them is so lucky but if you didn’t, like me, then that’s totally okay and maybe we’ll get another chance someday🤞
[dt @atlitnalester @a.dan.and.a.phil @laniefalls @thewildleo and every other lucky person that got to meet them • ac okaychyler • fc 1181 • cutecutpro]

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