The mind tricks us in a continuous stream of thoughts, being comfortably busy, making us resistant to nothingness. Though that void is the space where we get in touch with our essence. Trying to practice this more in my life, because I’m not great at it and every time I do I get rewarded. Pic Samal Island during a some well earned time off in the Philippines 📷 @enzadilecce

Where’s your favourite sunset spot? Here’s ours: Zambales. ❤️

The early log out and the buffet treat are my reasons to be happy today. 😂

Unlimited crabs today. 🤗

It isnt too hard to see, we’re in heaven. 🌴

Craving for this. 😂

Cravings for korean food satisfied. 🤤

When you got kdramas and kfood in life. 😂

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