The Philadelphia Naval Yard was the first naval shipyard in the U.S.📸@nowareland .

She made it to PA safe and sound in a huge snowstorm! A member sent me these pictures Saturday!! So grateful for random texts of pictures of my missionaries! #sisterbutler #calledtoserve #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #hermommymissesher

Can’t wait! 6pm can’t come soon enough!
Until then...family, reading, games and Christmas dinner are on my favorites list #thiskid #Christmas 2017 #missionarymom #ppm #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission

With my parents dropping my little sister off at the weaning shed today. I tried not to bawl but didn’t succeed. #sisterroberts #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission

#thiskid he never said goodbye. He said #igottago
Thinking about him this morning and the important work he’s doing. He’s sacrificing 2 years of working, schooling, friendships, girlfriends, time with brothers, his sister, he missed his brother’s wedding, missionary friends going out and coming home, life.
But what he’s gaining is the ability to gain a sure knowledge of the Plan of Happiness, of prayer and fasting, of doing something bc he wants to do it. I read his Mother’s Day Card last night and he said he was on his mission to work hard bc that’s what i had taught him to do. You go and do that with honor, Cougar. You’ve laid it all on the line, given yourself to the Lord for two years and you’re doing it with honor. Nothing better than this!
#1yeartogo #ppm #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #keeponkeepingon #thebookisblue #thechurchistrue #Godlovesyou #waterworks

Sent a missionary off and welcomed one home all in the same week! Glad to have you back Elder Baker, love you cuz ❤️ Thankful for missionaries and their willingness to serve! #PhiladelphiaPennsylvaniaMission #RetunedWithHonor

Never thought I’d be here in a million years but here I’m mind blown by how beautiful Philadelphia really is. It’s fucking freezing and not used to cold temperatures but overall better than I expected it to be. Now, I’ll be heading to the radio station building and getting Niall’s guitar and heading back to my true home. #missyoulosangeles #niallhoran #liampayne #louistomlinson #harrystyles #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #freezingcold #nosleep

Just another day in the mish. Elder Brown is blessed to have Via Sikahema, former BYU football player and 1st Polynesian to play in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles, as his Stake President. We received a tender mercy this week when we, and Elder Nielsen's family received these photos of Cougar holding Via's BYU helmet. Just another, in a long line of, tender mercies that confirm that Cougar is right where he should be and that his answer to his prayers that he would feel very comfortable wherever he was sent, was truly from his loving Heavenly Father.
I love how Cougar is holding the BYU helmet and not the Eagles one. He has spent many long hours at the games and learned many plays from all those games. What a blessing! •President texted this over:
Dear Nilsens & Browns, your sons are wonderful & serving faithfully. Had them for dinner and they have great appetites. We LOVE them. They're happy & working hard. Thank U for sending them.
Vai Sikahema
Pres, Cherry Hill, NJ stake.
Browns, Love & respect U name a son "Cougar" - even more that he chose to go by it though his 1st is Ethan.
#tendermercy #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #missionarymom

Elder Brown is doing well in Jersey! He was able to attend the temple, scared his companion to death and their investigator has committed to baptism Sept 16! Link to his blogpost will be in the comments. #sweetisthework #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #missionarymom

You could say we were excited to see each other. And no, we weren't kissing😍😂
Two years. It's a long time. But so so worth it! This boy is incredible . I swear he is going to move mountains someday. I'm pretty lucky to know him. #ldsmissionary #kyleeandslate #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission

Breaking his Golden in right! Cheesesteaks for the win!
#philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #PPM #missionarymom #queencreekaz

The day has finally come! I've been waiting for it for 7 months. Ok. 19 years, really.
I grew up with missionaries in my home on a regular basis. My mom is a convert, married a non-active man, my daddy. Those missionaries worked on our family, my dad, for years. Member missionaries and after a lot of time and prayer my dad saw the that he wanted more for his family. He's been active and engaged ever since!
My mom sent many letters to missionary families, kept in touch w one specific one, Elder VerDon Hoopes from Laramie, WYoming. He came to their 50th wedding anniversary open house last summer! What a surprise!
We've been waiting for someone from @ecougarbrown 's mission to send us a photo of him. We met Sister McPherson on Mother's Day. She had the Elders over for dinner and for them to call their families from her home. What a blessing she has been for Cougar! #Grateful #missionarymom #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #❤️

#thiskid #mothersday2017 #livingforaphonecall
Can't wait to hear from this kid right here. He's out 6 whole months and we get to talk w him on Sunday. Do. Not call or come over 4-6pm. I'll be busy watching his every move, facial expression and loving the engagement in the movement with him. #cantwait #noreallyIcant #missionarymom #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission

Shhhh! Don't tell #thiskid but this momma is missing him extremely today...
No, hey mom, too much milk in the fridge, all the granola bars are now being eaten by his brothers and sister, double stuff oreos aren't just appearing out of nowhere after a late night trip to the grocery store and then disappearing lightening fast...along w a gallon of milk. No calm, early morning discussions, more data than I know what to do with, too many leftovers (gotta figure this one out), Monday mornings are no longer filled with business phone calls...we wait for the emails to come in and then read them with tears streaming down our faces.
He is yours, Heavenly Father. Feed my sheep. The fields are white as snow, even in the urban jungle of SW Phila. His testimony is growing, so strong, already turning into a man w too much experience for his youthful age, but growing into the old soul that he's always had.
This sacrifice of a Momma's heart is worth it. And such a small sacrifice, really. The empty tomb was the real sacrifice and because of it, my heart is full and I give my feelings up to Him who can offer the Balm of Gilead to me at this time. He knows my heart, my feelings, my desires for this kid to be safe from harm so he can do what brings him so much joy...continue to serve these people. He loves being a missionary! I can't take that away from him.
#happyforhim #missionarymom #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #godblessourboy #💜

Happy Birthday to #thiskid Does 19 still count as a kid?? He will always be my #babyboy no matter his age! His birthday present? A baptism yesterday, his first on his mission, second only to his little brothers baptism, #SweetP . What a blessing it is to see him so happy serving others!

#missionarymom #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission

It was nice having a past coworker visit me at work today. She left work a year and half ago to serve the Lord in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Mission. #lds #mormon #friends #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #returnedwithhonor

Needed to see his squishy face today! He's happy and healthy and loves to teach the gospel to the people in Philly! #doinggreat #philadelphiapennsylvaniamission #missionarymom

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