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Coloured in the other half of Jonny’s chest yesterday. Left half healed/ right half fresh. Cheers buddy.

Big ol’ coverup • Had the chance to start adding some colour to this the other day! • Thanks for looking! Interested in starting something similar? DM, Email or Phone the shop to book 📚

Today marks the completion of the tattoo being done on my back. I admit, It's bittersweet. But this ink has significance in each element of the art. It has helped me through some difficult times and will continue to help me in times when I need to take a moment, breathe and ground myself.

It's a reminder that I'm not alone, even when I push people away. I know I'm guilty of this.

That I have strength even when I feel weak which is sometimes quite often.

That I am constantly evolving even when I feel like I'm standing still or moving backwards.

That I can accept all the parts of the whole that makes me who I am even when others reject me. That I don't need others approval to love myself.

That it's ok to fail because I can always try again and again, however long it takes, until I succeed. And I know I will have setbacks.

That my PTSD won't always be the driving force behind my actions, or lack thereof.

That I will be ok. (I'll post more pics when it's all healed)

Work done by @justalantattoos at @piercedhearts #dragontattoo #pheonixtattoo #raventattoo #danceofvenustattoo #ouroborostattoo #tripplemoontattoo #fleurdilistattoo #lilytattoo #triskeliontattoo #firetattoo #myhealingjourney

Got my tattoo finished and shaded massive thanks to @wonderlandstudio52 #tattoo #pheonixtattoo #owsla

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