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We need to eat! Phentermine is a commonly prescribed weight loss medication that can suppress appetite and speed up metabolism. Before we get judgmental it has its place and I also prescribe it once a nutrition consult and labs are done on some people. However one of the biggest mistakes I see is people skipping meals while on it because they aren't hungry. Skipping meals can actually slow metabolism down! Instead why not invest in a healthy meal replacement. I prefer gluten free, non gmo and WITH some carbs. Again it's not for everyone but for those who take it remember to use it for portion control! Hope this helps.
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🙀E A S Y🙀 See those cat emojis? That was my face after I worked out yesterday for the first time without Phentermine!!! I felt like super woman. Yesterday was my "fasted cardio/ab day", which turned into only cardio no abs. But that's besides the point... I jumped on the treadmill all enthusiastic at 5:00 a.m. (jk I was a little sleepy🙈). I started with my normal 4.0 mph on 6.0 incline as a warm-up. I was pretty confused because after 10 minutes I wasn't out of breath or even sweaty (and I sweat A TON 💦). I switched treadmills because I thought maybe the one I was originally on wasn't functioning properly. Then, I again wasn't super fatigued after another 10 minutes. So I attempted and successfully did some sprints. I did sprinting intervals for another 10 minutes. OMG I FINALLY BROKE A SWEAT😅 But after 30 minutes when I'm usually sweating after 2 seconds (total exaggeration but you know what I mean). What was going on!?!🤔 PHENTERMINE! After some thorough investigation (lol not), I realized my body was use to the medication speeding up my heart rate and causing excess sweating when in reality, most of the exercises I was doing were actually easy for me. Usually when our heart races a ton we stop or slow down our workout. Well, when my heart was racing these past couple of weeks it was just the medication doing its job, not my actual body saying "this exercise was intense for me." Sorry for the poor explanation. Basically, on Phentermine it felt like I was on top of a mountain with high altitude, barely able to breath. Now, it's like I'm back in The Woodlands close to sea level and working out is easy for me. Obviously not everything, just the type of workouts I was use to doing these past 4 weeks on the medication. Now it's time to step it up and get out of my comfort zone to kick some booty!!! I'll be doing more HIIT, going faster, lifting heavier, and practically being super woman over here😉 It's interesting how a medication can change our bodies to such an extent... kinda scary actually. But I'm excited, motivated, and ready to kill some body fat in these next 8 weeks until my next doctor's appointment👊🏻💥💦 #phentermine #pcos #insulinresistance

I don't mean to be this fine....my apologies 😘 ....#phentermine #diet #5poundsthinner #phenterminediet ask me how I lost 5 pounds in one week 😘

Pick a goal. Do it. Repeat. 💁🏼

#Repost First time trying CoolSculpting was a success! @drbfitmd @valleylegs @viumedspa can help you eliminate fat in those stubborn areas using cryolipolysis!!! Each cycle takes about an hour and, I can say from experience, is not painful and has no downtime! Sessions include b12 shots, phentermine and/or hormone testing (if applicable) as well as a nutrition consult. Call (559) 283-8799 or 298-9600 for a free consultation! #coolsculpting #cryolipolysis #b12shots #diet #phentermine #botox #fillers #laserfacials #profractionallaser #varicoseveins #laserhairremoval #hormonetesting #medispa #fresno #callme

Having trouble losing weight?

Phentermine Tablets to loose weight.

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Find full and complete contact information to place an order on my bio or homepage

Find full and complete contact information to place an order on my bio or homepage

Find full and complete contact information to place an order on my bio or homepage

Find full and complete contact information to place an order on my bio or homepage

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